When will TC realize...(Gears DEBATE)

You need to get rid of this “left trigger clicker” methodology you have created for gears of war

People who have the mindset to never ever ever want to touch their left trigger (Gears1) get severely punished online because of our habitually natured gameplay style…

There cannot be a (always free aim ) players vs (people who left trigger tap)…that is destroying the every nature of gears 1 on 1 s…

The movement from gears ultimate edition was perfect. There was no need for the change in gears 4…gears 5 looks extremely similar to gears4 and plays even heavier away from anything the original fan base based off of

I mean… will we ever see the return of a backpack?

Will we ever see players who never active reload their gun again just because because?

Will movement actually feel good and fluid like gears 1 again

Will the roll ever be worth it again? Lol cuz whatever you did to that roll…yo…them hard aimers on point

Uh, what?

I don’t get your point. You should easily beat out these players regardless of the aim type if you’re better than them. Quick trigger pulls will always be a thing and should be. I actually mix up both quick pulls and blindfires and that got me to diamond so both are legit.


What are you talking about this has ALWAYS been in Gears


If you think about it, pop shooting requires one extra input versus just hip firing, so theoretically whoever is hip firing should have an upper hand IF they’re accurate with it.

If they’re not then maybe they need to start aiming too.

Adapt and overcome. We had to do it going from 1 to 2 then 2 to 3, etc.


But the exact thing he is moaning about existed in the franchise since Gears 1.

This is true. And movement more fluid? Gears 1-UE always feels clunky to me, Gears 4 plays much more fluidly and faster.

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Well aiming actually makes your shots more accurate, like decreasing the spread if I remember right but that could be wrong.

This is pointless

Hey grandpa its 2019 and gears is about to receive its 5th installment now.
Can you just get on with the times? gears 1 ≠ gears 5 why is it so hard to understand that games evolve?
where is the gears 1 scene at when its such a great game? look at people still playing old fighting games and super smash bros melee for thousands of dollars. Where is the scene for your oh so great game that is gears 1? ITS DEAD and you know why? because its trash.
So take your nostalgia glasses off.


That’s a bit harsh he did have a point the game is changing but not for what him and I and I’m sure many others wanted it’s catered to the younger generation example less blood/gore smoking censorship but don’t get me wrong I’m buying the game twice because I love this franchise just wish they kept the style more gritty

Dog, it’s his first post and he’s already a savage, let the man speak! To top it off he brought a not equal sign? Damn, like where’d ya get that? I think we should make @cilginlincoln our god, or at least a moderator.


I agree that it needs to evolve but Gears 1 is far away from trash.

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Gears1/UE was clunky at best.

Gears4 for all of its other flaws has the most fluid movement overall.

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Ok little child, that’ll do.


7th* installment.

I hope they never realize …

Gears 1 was a slow & sluggish af …

Honestly, the best players know when to aim and when to blind fire. Some shots are impossible to hit with a blind fire. But reaction shots will always be won with a blind fire.

6th* installment

I’m pretty sure that there was a event this past weekend with a prize pool of $250,000

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