When will Gilded COG Gear be out for Gears 5

Wouldn’t it be nice if the COG Gear had a Gilded Version of itself, I mean we got the Classic Golden Gear for Gears 4. Maybe it will be in tour of duty 3 (I still don’t agree with it, and keep in mind this is just an idea) and practically everyone else has a Gilded or Blood Red skins. Here is the list of Gilded Characters.

-JD Fenix (James Dominic Fenix)
-Marcus Fenix
-Kait Diaz
-Damon S. Baird (Baird)
-General RAAM
-Carbon Fiber “Gilded” JACK
-Banners, Phantom Set, Gilded Weapon sets


-Blood Moon Imago
-Blood Red Speaker

And I know the Carbon JACK isn’t Gilded but it might as well be because of how rare it is. So my idea is a Gilded COG Gear or Gilded Lizzie Carmine. For the Swarm I have a feeling that there will be either a Gilded/Blood Warden or a Gilded/Blood Jermad. These are merely requests so fulfill them on your time. Thank you for listening.

Gears 4 Classic Golden Armor.

We need a Gilded Del skin. He’s the only main cast character from GOW4 who hasn’t got a Gilded variant!


That is also very true, I didn’t think of the “notorious character” of the franchise. To be honest he should have had a Gilded skin from the start, and in my opinion from a supply crate.

Blood Moon Imago is an old Gears 4 skin.

Okay hear me out
Gilded Onyx Guard

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There’s a gilded jack?

Gilded Gary!? :upside_down_face:

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Technically no, but there’s a “Carbon Fiber JACK” skin which came with the Collectors Edition (the big pack with the real life JACK Drone and Ice Kait skin) which looks a bit “gilded” in colour scheme.

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It’s in gears 5 too many people have it

Gilded Delivery Driver Mac, I don’t know what to do without him. (I don’t know if this meme is dead yet.)

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