When Will Coalition Ever Fix The Servers/Online Service? Fake Ping/Telepotation

Since last year, Gears 5 has been consistently lame with random disconnects (D/C) and fake pings resulting in really horrible gameplay and random teleportation.

While it is not 24/7, it’s still an issue and not something that is addressed or apologised for.

Whether it be Payday 2 or Siege or any other PC game, I’ve never had this before, only for Gears 5.

Do you have this issue to?

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Are you telling me that you don’t like teleporting with a low ping when someone with a 90ms spikes to 3000ms?


Didn’t they say they were working on the “frame rate” issues at least?

But yes, the game plays (lag, ping) like a trash version of any game.

My personal opinion is that we will only see a major change when something like StarLink becomes widespread.

TC hasn’t budged on using the lag compensation mechanism from Gears 4 and 5. Same problems. They messed around with it a little in Gears 4. Remember everyone’s ping visually doubling? Then everyone had low ping.

When worldwide there is low latency ISP options available, then we will see improvements. Too many people currently on bad dsl or even worse.

You bashing my hotspot?

It’s my turn to sponge!

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They need to also address the terrible input lag especially on the legacy consoles


Not if you are on my team.

Robust hotspots, solid dsl, etc. These aren’t the real culprits.

Shabby 2Mbps dsl in a household where everyone tries to stream and download at once…that’s the lag spikes that cause problems.

Even people from down under with a solid connection to US servers don’t seem to cause teleporting. The system just can’t handle the pings that go from 60-200ms.

Better thorough put with lower latency will only make gaming more fair and fun for everyone.

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Oh good.

I’m glad we didn’t have to to a Pahanu lancer only 1v1 over this.

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I heard people today say they had performance issues for pc but I had no personal issues on that front.

I have a lot of stuttering even after this latest update. A fix is needed immediately.