When will Chaps be playable TC?

The most requested skin since we saw his little Meatflag in Gears 2. You’ve granted our other wishes TC. We saw the Palace Guard, the Bolter, Cyclops with Shoulder Pad, Hollow Storm Tai, the Lambent, Skorge with the right Gear, the Armoured Kantus. All those skins Epic denied us in the early days for this reason or that.

Now I ask TC, no I plead, when will glorious old man Chaps make his debut to Gears MP? We both know Robin Atkin Downes is game. I’m certainly game. Are you game TC??



I’d certainly like the opportunity to crush his skull into the ground.

…call ME a damn nincompoop…

Wouldn’t say most requested skin but certainly a fan favorite.

It was an honor to have that said to me.

I mean that one time in Gears UE when he said it even though his head was gone,that time specifically

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I mean TC have exceeded expectations when it comes to characters for sure. Like you mentioned characters I never thought I’d see again especially for multiplayer. So never say never.

Need a general Stranded and Outsider pack.
Chaps, Hanley the drunk guard, Franklin, Griffin, Ash man from Griffin’s base, the outsiders from the riftworm village with the covid facemasks and p.diddy style fur coats.

But if I don’t get Pad Salton from the comics and novels already …it’s been asked for forever going back to threads on the Epic Games forums. He needs to show up. Marcus, Dom, Tai, and Padrick. need to be in a squad in game. I thought for sure he’d show up in 3 since he’s present at Anvil Gate (often going around with Dizzy trading supplies) during the time of Gears 3 but nope. I’d rather have guys like Drew Rossi and Alex from the comics too. Lots of characters haven’t been added. When Parasidian became an employee at TC (actually contractor - thanks Microsoft for abusing employment law) i had hopes …but it hasn’t happened