When will boosting be addressed

Had a ranked match were the enemy team clearly had control of two of my teammates an they thru they game the next two rounds… Checked there gamertags and. 3 all had the same gamerpic. Coincidence …? I think not
N p.s i do not believe there are legitimate masters that didnt have a 5 stack available.

I don’t understand. Had control as in took over control of teammates? Or your teammates knew them and threw the match? Or you could of had just some trolls on your team. As for the gamer pic unless it’s customised you’ll be surprised how many people roll with the same gamer pic from the list your allowed to choose from.


I have to send it to you we won the first round and my teamate stopped playing second nd third n round an the other teammate was sittin in spawn messin around reving chainsaw at the afk teammate… In ranked koth… Those two guys an the leader on the other team had the same gamerpic an they were deliberately letting him kill them…I was watching there screen

Nothing will surprise me. They either knew him or were just trolls this is nothing new. I seen teammates kill themselves on purpose. Camp power weapons just to hand them over to opposite team. There are a couple thread’s of all the dumb S*** people do to others , the worse is probably in Horde. Nothing new bro it just happens.


Feel free to file a report :slight_smile:

TC has taken action against some people for their ingame behaviour in the past.