When were Gears 3 dedicated servers removed?

I know there are lots of knowledgeable Gearheads here so I thought I’d ask this here. Anyone know when Gears 3 dedicated servers were removed?

Sometime shortly after Judgment was released, the dedicated servers were taken down. Before that, they were removed from general playlists and only offered to ranked playlists.

I’d say it’s probably been since 2012 that Gears 3 had dedicated servers.

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That might be the case.

I do remember coming back to G3 a number of times over the years and it still appeared to have dedicated servers. I could be wrong but for most games there wouldn’t be any host migration even after all original players left like in quickmatch. There would be for horde though.

At any rate, it still plays decently on p2p, far better than G2 did as I recall.

Think this only happens when people play a certain piano.

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It’s definitely the case. I remember everyone making a big stink about it well before the Xbox One was a thing. And Epic were the ones who dropped the servers, before selling the rights to the Gears franchise to Microsoft in 2014.

If you have a solid P2P connection, it can seem stable, but it’s still P2P. The game also doesn’t mask its latency the way modern games do, so it’s more obvious when there are bumps in the road.


I loved that map. Depths was it?


Yes, i also loved that map.


I heard a rumor that the abundance of dedicated servers were used during the beta tests, then most of them weren’t used for the actual release. I cod be wrong though

That’s just a misguided rumor with limited information.

The beta test was run entirely on dedicated servers. Gears 3 as a final game, however, prioritized ranked games while PvE, private and casual playlists were still P2P. Servers are costly to keep running.