When to expect Operation 4 reveal?

Not sure when to expect it but how long before each operation do TC reveal what it’s going to be? Some people are expecting news today or in the coming days. If anyone knows the pattern that TC are using I would appreciate some insight.

We dont talk about future content


July 14th is when releasing Op 4, so the reveals and teasers would probably happen a week or two before. So any time in July really.

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But they should sadly I mean hyping things is what pools in mass interest…cyberpunk 2077 is a pretty good example I can’t wait for that shiiiit probably gonna be putting down gears for a bit when that game hits…but they already announced several dlc to come as well as multiplayer Down the road in 2022…dana needs to talk about future content give us something to potentially drool about (not pahanu) lol
But seriously if we know good things are to come or something we been waiting for to come back then it would keep everyone interested and waiting like a good cliffhanger in a book
I get keeping things hush hush till reveal but tc takes that to an extreme where it either does good or straight flops on them


you couldn’t have said that better man hahahahah @ll_R_E_D_l

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Well, operation 4 is out in two weeks so I hope a trailer tonight for the hype but might be next Monday

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Following their “strategy” from previous Operations, they’ll release a picture with the Operation title and the Heroes that are coming. I would expect that either today or tomorrow.

Then the reveal will be in a special what’s up next Tuesday. They usually reveal the details one week before it launches. The actual patch notes will be shown the day before on the 13th. Again this is if they follow the previous trend.


They may also do individual notes for PvP and PvE like they did for Op 3, if changes to either are significant enough.

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Good point I forgot about that. They split the information for Operation 3 over blogs throughout the week. Of course they had the PvP changes on a Thursday so they talk about it on the dev stream, while the PvE ones where last :slight_smile:

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They seem to sometimes have some difficulties delivering.
They have said a lot that didn’t happen.


To be fair Dana tends to get a good amount of info wrong.


Reminds me of when I got this.

Yeah just went back to before Op 3 on their twitter and it was revealed like two weeks before, then a week after that the trailer then it launched the following week. Fingers crossed for a reveal today.

This also tells me I missed that I hit O on the phone keyboard instead of I when I wrote that.

goes off to correct typo

I’d say we will get a teaser next week. I wouldn’t expect any substantial information on Op4 until next week.

We may get a image and operation name this week, but that’s about it.

Bruh this game is an emotional rollercoaster…

1 month before an operation comes out :pray:

1 week before an operation comes out :disappointed_relieved:

day the operation comes out :fire:

Will the circle be unbroken?


And a few weeks after it releases… :zzz:

So yes, hopefully Op 4 breaks that circle. And/or is more than just average upon coming out.


Well the thing is that I (and I suspect many others) play the crap out of it the beginning of each operation, then I get burned out and gotta take a break :joy:

I suspect nothing will be worse than Operation 3 though, I would’ve rather had been slapped in the face than had to experience Trashanu.

Well, to be fair, I’ve mostly been playing Escape and avoiding Horde, where I played only a few matches and one of those on Pahanu which was an ok experience until the obnoxious Claw Drones started showing up.

I wasn’t speaking in regards to PvE my friend, because aesthetically speaking Pahanu is gorgeous… People usually hate it for Horde simply because of how freaking long it takes enemies to get to you (because the map was probably made to support battle royale or some garbage)

My belief is that Pahanu is the worst PvP map ever made, it deserves this award not because it looks awful, but because it plays like trash.

TC need to go back to the chalkboard when it comes to maps because trashanu isn’t gonna cut it.

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