When there is a Keegan, but

The team still wanna dump 10000+ energy into the first weapon locker and not let Keegan get his refill perk first.


During those moments, purposely fail the active reload to hear Keegan say something ironic.

“I’m better then this…”
“Ah $&@7!!!”
“Reflexes aint what they used to be…”


What level does Keegan need his Resupply perk at, before Weapon Locker?

AFAIK, it won’t recharge Clayton’s heavy weapons like Mulcher, Tri-Shot, Cryo… neither Lancer GL.

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Weapon lockers benefit everyone and everything. Keegan’s Resupply is time limited and requires being recharged before another use. Why do you think people wanna go for the weapon lockers first?

Yeah, it’s not guaranteed that the Keegan is using Resupply cards like Amplifier, Duration, Healing Module.

Obviously that not perks goes after lockers and barriers don’t be another noob

barriers of cuz still needed but u dont need Keegan’s energy to build those.

But refill perk can help everyone gain 20+ solve * in the skill duration and just before wave 10.

How long does a lvl 2 locker to refill a salvo from empty to full?

And recharge Keegan active is very fast with active boom shots or salvo…
After wave 10 Keegan could deposit energy as normal after his perk reach 8.

Someone say he cant help Clayton refill heavy chainguns, who use those things at higher difficults…just kaboom together and stunlock everything.(cheese to the cheese god)

Also the GLlancer wont be use on first 10 waves(and locker take forever to refill booms, i saw many JD waste 500 energy to suicide and get new booms but not wait locker to refill)

Cheese to the cheese god?

You realize not everyone’s gonna use Salvos, right?

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Honestly it’s all in the built for Keegan That guarantees this situation to be as intended. In this operation they added a few more skills to Keegan that divides his build to be three specific builds in my opinion: weapon resupplier specialist, situational awareness mogul, or extreme support environmentalist. Keegan is literally the best Strategic technical character In the game when it comes to horde or escape as he can literally and definitively resupply an entire team to deal with the masses of the swarm anywhere in the map, be the most aware and situational responder to enemy formation and tactics simply by standing in front of his team, and be That Guy who literally and figuratively has your back when you are cornered and need to get out of a mass of enemies that you can’t escape and need something like an explosive exit to appear out of nowhere. My Keegan is lvl 16 and in every difficulty for horde and escape, he is one of the most essential characters required for victory to be achieved and if I am Playing as Keegan, your are in luck as My Keegan is build to be the best support class you will ever see. So if my team doesn’t need my resupply perk to be the main ammo regenerator for a horde match that is fine for I know that I am the next best thing: A true support class player.

actually it is “cheese for the cheese god”, the term which we used in total war games about abuse game /ai mechanics to achieve impossible victorys.

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