When the new e-sport supporter pack wilk be available

I want new e sport supporter 13 pack

Mee 2

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Mee Three

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Me also

If no RNG and if Benjamin is there. Sure for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope they stop with the BS characters


I just hope they aren’t as lazy as past few ones.

I mean, how hard is it to add a few extra lights to the characters :joy:


welp some of us LOVE them.

Some have been inconceivably bad. Another **** robot?? Who has been asking for the? Black steels of characters that look nearly the same as the regulars? (if I’ve ever seen a black steel lambant in game I wouldn’t know because they look identical when characters are moving).
I think they’re to the point that they know some people will buy no matter what so they aren’t even trying anymore.

I’m hoping/thinking that they are saving something special for Feb and the big Mexico city event. Maybe the Onyx Guard. TBH, I couldn’t care less about the Onyx Guard but I like things that invigorate the community so I’m hoping they’ll give people what they want. The more players there are, the better it is for all of us.

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To each their own…I’m not telling you not to spend your money on useless skins, that’s up to you. Just don’t change your handle here to a silly name like GOW Skins or something rather like the one dude did because all of his threads are I want these skins or those skins.


He’s changed his username a couple of times believe it or not. He was GOW Characters at one point; and now he’s Gears Characters. :joy:


Oh I believe it. It kinda looked different the other day to me so I kind of figured he did something. I guess he likes to spend money on his ugly low rider and skins that get you nothing

The issue isn’t him liking skins and spending money on them. I personally can’t talk because I’ve spent money on the eSports packs myself.

My gripe is that he’s constantly posting inane nonsense on these forums, often copied and pasted lists (not even original ideas), repetitive stuff where he’s tagging TC employees in them begging for stuff. I’m pretty sure they’ve never responded directly to him before, and they’re not gonna start now.

Also about a year ago when I called him out on a copy and paste post he sent me a thinly veiled threat on XBL. The message was a bit muffled but the lines I managed to make out and commit to memory were “why you trolling me on the forums?” and “Come at me bro!” :joy:


Just saying, at least when skins come out, the game has mild increase in population.

Trying to get games and it’s dead right now.

Gasp! Tony, how dare you?!?!

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I played a horde match with him a while back on Lift. He was dictating where to stand blah blah we knew our rolls and whatnot. So we failed a wave and started over. The Sniper was going back and forth with the dude and the guy was like Yo homie I play with this one girl who knows how to do this perfectly and shes a girl, shes a girl! The sniper was like SMH and left and then I followed. The chick he is talking about dictates who is which class and if you don’t play to her liking, she boots you. I know all his threads are the same too. Dude needs to get a life and stop begging for useless skins.

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Time to move on bro. There has to be other games that you play.

This girl/lady player… I have a funny feeling I know who this is. :wink: If it’s the same person, then I’ve played with them before and although they’ve been okay with me, I’ve seen her be really rude toward other people. She was on my friends list for a brief period but I quickly removed and blocked her. Also, if it’s the same person we’re talking about, they also claim that they created all these speedruns which is total nonsense - I know for a fact that other people had them worked out long before she did.

Like what? :see_no_evil:

Maybe after I get this D5 :raised_hands:

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Keep grinding bruh!