When TC is incapable of doing something right

Gears 5 Multiplayer has so much flaws on the Multiplayer side . Its not enjoyable to play and the main focus is on PvP. The Matchmaking is horrible. Getting Matched against Players with lower Ping than 40 Yeah thx TC for that, and my own ping is above 130 LOL my connection is fine , wondering why in Gears 5 its so high. In Gears 4 everything was perfect. But to play with a 13ß plzus ping against players with a 30 to 40 ping. The difference between those 2 is tremndeous. The Enemies always was in his running animation but couldd freely shoot me and oneshotting me , while being stuck in a runanimation. If i trying do this , its feel like a freeze on my Right Trigger , where after left the sprint stance , my right tirgger to shoot feels like freezed, it doesntshoot. But the low ping Player (prob local american player),feels free to do anything. Pls TC FIX THIS Garbage. Playing Gears 5 online feels like getting hit by a big SALT SHAKER. And thats what i am after palying onlinefor severalhours.