When TC gets back to the office

Things to fix to make this game good.

  1. Reduce gib range. The range at which the player can be gibbed from. Make it closer.

  2. Add the hammerburst to the loadout weapon selection.

  3. Add blitz to reg versus.

  4. Fix matchmaking across the globe…so people can actually play the game from certain regions.

  5. I heard there’s PC shotgun issues affecting hipfire? Fix this.

  6. Add new maps. This game DESPERATELY needs non g4 NEWWWWW reg versus maps. Please stop jipping us out of content by incl g4 remasters and unchanged g4 maps. It doesn’t solve the “same old same old” type feeling I have playing this game!

These are not in order of priority! I just don’t care about SKINS all the time…and that’s what this game feels like it’s about.


Since you made this thread, they will get right on it. I am sure of it.


Give it a chance.
If tons of people complains about the same problem they might eventually notice it.

I’m not betting on it. If they fix maybe 2 things off his list, something new will rise up and ruin the game.


Hi @Crazyjacknuts

I don’t want to sound negative man by all means… however its kind of difficult they fixed something at this point… judging by their attitude I can really think Gears 5 as it is working right now , its how they meant it to be played and nothing much else.

As for myselft I think its a pity since the game really could have a lot of potential… however their creativity limited to be a substandard game.

  1. Fix matchmaking so fair matches are made and bronze players aren’t in diamond/masters lobbies etc.

  2. Fix the idiotic ranking system.


Lol I def don’t expect them to. I understand how formal the title is.

9 stop acting like this game isnt a major let down and step back in everyway from previous gears titles.


How about get rid of the ranking system. I’m sick to death of people ■■■■■■■■ and making threads here about the bloody ranking system. It’s pointless, garbage and waste of time system that never should’ve been introduced in Gears 4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAA1xgTTw9w


Never said that.

Not you TC

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Gears 4 ranking system was fine. Barely anyone complained back then . from what I remember the forum was mostly people complaining about microtransactions two different tuning systems the gnasher and TC in general


That title… like a pimp telling his ■■■■ when they getting back to the street🤣


maps don’t get made out of thin air. ■■■■ takes time so I’m not sure what you expect to be done about this.

they’re not sitting on a trove of completed maps just for the fun of it.

Great news! You have options

  1. You do not need to read the threads you do not want to read

  2. you dont have to play ranked if you dont like it.

The moral of the story is that you dont care about ranking and that is quite fine. But it exists and there is a system in place. That system is currently broken. It’s not like these topics do not have titles.


Hopefully they add stats for 2v2 Gnashers since they never tracked properly for Gears 4.

I never touch Versus because it has been god awful since Gears 4. TC should focus on better and more important things than a pointless system that was never a thing back in Gears 1-3


I would like to combine the versus of Gears 3 and the ranking system of Gears 4. I do like having a ranking system. Especially when it works. Although its debatable whether Gears 4 or Gears 5 ranking system is better, and i havent been playing 5 that much until recent.

You acting like T.C would actually do something! Lol That’s a good idea in theory. But with this Bronze 3 teir outfit nothing will get done! Lol

Or they could just fix it? It’s fun having something to work towards. It just isn’t fun when the fundamentals to said system are broken.