When should we expect the launch trailer?

when did it drop in previous gears? was it a day before release date?

Already dropped mate.

Been out at sea or something?

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Lights are on but nobody is home huh?

Ignore the three stooges , the Launch trailer should be dropping this week. It’s been confirmed it will be Mad World/Sound of Silence esque.

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Probably tomorrow to coincide with the reviews.


Where’s the link?

This was my guess as well.

Rod Ferguson confirmed on twitter we’d be getting a ‘sad’ trailer.


Probably like this aspect of the Gears saga as much as any.

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Maybe tonight , ninja is doing a full walkthrough of the campaign today because he partnered up with micro soft so it’s a possibility it could be today but if
Not definitely tomorrow

So would this be considered the launch trailer even though we have already seen a trailer for the campaign?

God I hate him

And hate how he’s playing it early :joy:

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Proper sell out, left his twitch home where he was super big to join mixer for more money he dont even need because hes rich already

Now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rywk7MjPTnI

Has some campaign footage so don’t watch if you don’t want to see anything campaign related.

Kind of seems like they threw all the other trailers together and made one trailer. I’m guessing this isn’t the “sad” trailer that Rod supposedly said we are getting?

No idea sorry mate.

Can’t be. Nothing sad about it. Where’s the song?

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There is another trailer on the way…

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Hopefully a future iconic one.

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