When season 5 of gears ends?

how many days is left to finish

I’m sure its around the 10-12th Feb before it ends and resets.

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No problem,

To give you a more accurate date,

Looking at the latest what’s up roadmap, it says Season 6 begins on 12th Feb so Season 5 should end on the 11th :+1:


Isn’t here a different date on the Emerald Gear Challenge? The challenge is supposed to be active until the end of season 5 and I vaguely recall 7th February 2019 being mentioned as the deadline. Weren’t there a few days in between previous seasons?

Yeah, there are different dates for the emerald and golden gear but the season 6 date is the 12th as per their roadmap.

I know season 6 begins on 12 February. What I’m confused about is when season 5 ends cos no precise date has been mentioned?

I thought that given the Emerald Gear challenge (which has the deadline of 7 February) was advertised as the season 5 reward, then the deadline for players to do it would be the last day of season 5 rather than before season 5 officially ends.

Obviously if season 6 starts on 12 February then season 5 should finish on 11 February, but this doesn’t fit in with the deadline for the Emerald Gear challenge. I just wondered if there might be a few days as an off-season period.

For every other season, there was 0 time between end of season X and start of season X+1. All that happens is the ranks resetting which is instant. So S5 and S6 should start/end on Feb 12 together around 2pm EST. I wouldn’t be surprised if TC doesn’t have the tech to have downtime anyway.

Unsure about your concern with Emerald gear though; I was just addressing the downtime questions.

Thanks for clarifying about past seasons. I don’t pay enough attention to the Versus seasons to know about off-seasons etc.

I was referring to the Emerald Gear challenge deadline and wondering if this indicated the precise date of season 5 ending. Like I said, I’d have thought that one of the rewards for season 5 would end on the day season 5 ends, but it seems not and that it ends a few days prior.