When people say the game is slow, what do they mean exactly?

Walk speed? Run speed? Slide speed? Gun fire speed? All of the above? Can someone explain to me, in detail, what’s so “slow” about the game?

Please play with the Versus part of Gears of War 4… After that Gears 5 will feel slow… Maybe much slower…

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Loading times are slow…

Unless u have a X/S or pc.





If you search youtube videos of this game about 9 months ago (before January), you will see it at its best.


Walking speed running
Play horde then play vs
It’s night and day

The goal is to add “weight” to the characters, where players can feel each change of direction.

Reduced the base player acceleration by 17%
Cover Slip (Up A) modifier decreased from 1.66x -> 1.6x
Reverted the roadie run speed down to 480 from 500
Removed the speed boost gained by performing cover actions
New: Sliding will now take into consideration acceleration, previous as soon as the player entered a slide, they would immediately reach the max speed of 600uu/s. Now we have set the initial speed of the slide to 300uu/s with an acceleration rate of 2000uu/s2. This means the character will feel like they have more weight while maintaining the fluidity of movement.

As we’ve reduced the RNG tied to the gnasher and cover actions, we saw an increase in players shooting immediately out of slides especially “Air Back A’s” for example. We’re exploring ways to create more punishable windows for certain actions while still pushing us closer to that give and take gameplay.

Added a slight delay to firing after cancelling a slide: 0s -> 0.15s
Increased the delay from firing when aiming out of cover from 0.1s -> 0.2s
Weapon swap speed changed from 0.7s -> 0.9s with primary weapons and 0.5s -> 0.65s with pistols, slightly faster than previous titles.

after playing the game for a year with the previous tuning the game will most definitely feel slower with these horrible changes


This game was much better before mid Op4 when TC decided to mess with everything.
For me it’s slow to turn, switch weapons, slide, fire and aim in Versus no matter what you change in settings.


The overall character animations and speed have gone from 600 then to 500u then finally 480u
just think of tht as miles per hour

slide acceleration reduced by 17%

and no up a speed boost, so now players are able to counter it much easier .

then they added a delay to when you’re wall canceling/bouncing. so now when you press A and cancel it can cause a delay to your shot resulting in your death .

example: when you wallcancel and press the trigger nothing happens. <-- this.

Roadie run is the slowest it’s been on this game if I recall, plus there’s an acceleration to reach max speed on top of that which makes it feel even slower.

Weapon swapping is annoying slow, countless times people have ran away from a fight unharmed cos it takes an age to switch to your lancer. Not a lancer happy player but some deserve a good blasting when they scarper away.

Shot delays are so noticeable it’s untrue also, my main issue if I had to name one.

The start of operation 5 was the best the game has been to me, then they added all this pointless crap

I have an x and its still slow

It is pretty tough to strafe well. You basically stand still

If you have a mouse, game doesn’t feel slow at all

Sure the game is slower now…

But it’s still far from a slow game.

Compared to Gears 4…Gears 5 is slow… Gears 4 game pace was extremely faster when you consider the way the AI came at you, player speeds and type of enemies. I played a lot of Gears 4 and the first thing that I noticed in Horde was how slow it felt. Gears 5 horde is harder but Gears 4 was way faster imo…

You missed ‘Weapon swap’ speed.

Sleeper pvp tuning, everything has delays, reactions are slow. everything got nerfed just because a tiny fraction of the fanbase wanted to play “tactical”.Yet they are the same people that abuse mechanics to get cheesy kills that make no sense.

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