When opening the guide, controls no longer work

Not sure if this has been posted before, but whenever I open the guide midgame (even on the pause menu), the game just doesn’t recognise my controller anymore and I have no choice but to close the game. I was just playing Horde, opened the guide by mistake and had to bail on my teammates because I couldn’t do anything. It’s clearly a game issue since the controller still works on the guide. I play on Xbox One X with a keyboard plugged in. I’ve tried removing the keyboard and everything else but I’m still having the issue. Any suggestions? The amount of stupid glitches I’ve run into in this game, in every game mode, is honestly ridiculous and I’m really glad I didn’t pay for it.

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Yes! I’m glad someone else has experienced this, happened to me three times in horde and once in multiplayer when I tried to record a clip.

Needs immediate attention, even sent me back to dashboard with no progress saved.

I had this a couple of times running through campaign - I’d the intent to grab a screenshot but then lost controls and had to restart the game.

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This is becoming more apparent happened to me three times now, it booted me out to dashboard and I lose all my progress.

You’re not alone. Game seems to crash whenever you open the guide. Another one of the handful bugs this game has