When opening chat with keyboard, settings reset

When I open the chat using my keyboard, my controls “reset” to default for my controller.

I need to open options for them to set back to normal. It’s irritating to open options after each time I type.

It doesn’t always happen, so I don’t know the exact cause for it, but it’s a good 40/60 chance, I’d say,

Im going to assume submit a ticket, right @TC_Sera?

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If this is the case, where does one submit a ticket?

Can ye link it, pwez?



This is correct :slight_smile:

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I know why it happens in my case and I play classic alt remapped. Pressing shift key seems to revert my control scheme back to default. So I’d advise avoiding capital letters for the mean time. Otherwise, you have to press pause and resume to fix it. It’s not a solution but workaround for the moment.

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I thought I was going to have the same issue until you said it was the caps key.

I too play on classic-alt remapped. We nearly had the same problem :smile: