When is What's up?

What time do they have the new What’s up out?

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Usually around 3 pm-ish. They are seldom punctual.

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Technically was supposed to be out an hour and 38 minutes ago, more or less. But more often than not it is delayed.

Really sick of the inconsistency with this company.

I’ve just learnt to put up with it. Shrug it off and move on, do something else. Though that only applies to certain things. If they end up delaying Operation 2 I might not be so happy about it. It’s something this game really needs, if it lives up to what it is made out to be.

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Crazy that we’ve gotten to the point that we just accept them being late on something as simple as a blog post lol.

Convinced there isn’t a shred of personal accountability
or professional pride among the crew at TC. Would like to be proven wrong though.

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Operation 2 is really TC’s last chance to turn Gears 5 around and back on the right track.

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I think it’s just not caring. It’s not worth getting upset over anymore, to me anyway. Already wasting enough time getting frustrated trying to have a semi-decent experience in Gears 5 Horde(…) with what limited free time I have available during weekdays with my studies. If they botch Operation 2 though… I might not be not upset over that. Even if it coming a week or two later would coincide with when I am nearly done with the test period and the winter holidays are approaching.

Should have been out by now. Maybe it’ll get pushed to tomorrow. Who knows.

If it’s Operation 2 related then that could be the reason why it’s delayed.

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It’s out now



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Well praise the lord it was worth the wait!

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Having a hard time telling if you’re serious because there’s nothing particularly interesting about it. Other than, you know, the usual weekly Escape hive which will finally allow me to complete the last set of Tour medals I was working on completing with the last Master hive.

Dunno man. 3 days of free boost all round sounds decent after the recent outrage of the previous weekend.

It’s good if you’re looking to grind Horde cards also.

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Dude they’re giving away 3 days of boost for free. This is great for those who ran out and want to make a final push for General.

OSOK and Double XP for Horde characters too.

Not bad especially considering they’re obviously winding down and focusing on Operation 2.

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Very strange use of language saying: level up some NEW horde characters

Well, I’ve already leveled up both Horde characters I currently play to Level 18, and have no use for Boost as it stands. Having gotten to General a few weeks post launch wanting to ensure I got Desert Kait and to have the Tour/General done as soon as I could to not get bothered by it later on when my studies were underway. Will take more time with the next one. I don’t play Versus so OSOK is of little interest to me. More disappointed in the lack of a Horde event to play. So there isn’t really much in today’s What’s Up to get me “excited”. Good for those who get a benefit from it but there’s nothing for me in it, really.

I’m pretty sure Boost doesn’t have an effect on RNG skill drops. Correct me if I’m wrong. I’d not be pleased if the Boost actually made skill drops better.

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Damn you finished it quick. Wow!

I still had a few weeks left of summer holidays(closer to one and a half) which allowed me to spend a bunch of time getting medals done while playing as there wasn’t much to be done until school started mid-September. So I’d gotten some decent progress towards General and a few of the medals before then, mostly the Escape ones as I had wanted to try the mode first after my initial Campaign playthrough. I may have used the free Iron I had for objective rerolls on the first double star day to finish off the Tour ranks. Just wanted to get it done and over with at that point.

So there’s why I’d gotten it done so quickly. Wasn’t planning on rushing through Tour 2 though, seeing as Tour 1 mainly had Desert Kait as the main thing I wanted from it towards the end, and I got Winter Kait as I did the medals anyway(still annoyed they made the fur on that skin extremely bright white which just doesn’t fit with the model, when it was originally more of a darker grey color and perfectly fitting to it).