When is What's Up coming back?

Are we going to get new content this week or are TC still on break?

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Best answer I have.


Boi that Kantus sure has some thicc thighs.


Isn’t the Kantus garb supposed to be dark blue & bronze-ish?

It’s changed color schemes I think in every game.

Gears 2: blue with bronze
Gears 3: gold
Gears 4 : red and black

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Does this mean no new store content tomorrow?


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I think you’re right. I do remember Skorge also being a whole lot redder in 4 than in 2.

With all the ripping from the community TC I bet is staying clear from us until the update. The grip is getting tighter on them as the game is getting smaller and smaller because of their incompetence. They have let the community down with empty promises about fixing Gears 4 - 2.0. How this company other then being with MS is still around I have no idea. @TC_Octus @the-coalition


Are we getting some bomb skins in the store is all i wana know


This is ridiculous & unnacceptable.

If anyone asks me, and I know they didn’t, THIS is killing the game more than anything.

The fact that they ONLY say anything through twitter, where a large majority of the playerbase is not going to look for it.

Why not just copy feed it here???

Why not copy feed it in game???

So many bad decisions.


Wait a minute… They cancelled “Whats up”!?
To bad, I actually kind of liked it. So now store drops and new escape maps will just show up without feedback or info from dev.?

Pretty sure this is just an “exception” for this week due to how they seem to be planning TU4s release to be covered, not that I agree with how they are doing it.

Might be so. Feels kind of odd if they would stop give feedback on their upcoming work this early into the game.

The last “Whats up” of 2019 said it would be back 6th of january. It also said:
“…we’ll have a further fixes and improvements with TU4, the arrival of the Kantus Character, Ranked Free For All and the return of OSOK in a brand new format. We think you’ll love this one.”

Will a new escape hive still release today?

Store now says 14 days until refresh in game also…

Is there a date for when TU4 is set to go out? I don’t have twitter so i aint ever gonna see it if that’s where they post and I really just want this mkb gnasher bug fixed… was hoping there’d be news in the now not happening what’s up

I must agree with you on this as I don’t use Social Media…

Jesus Christ that kantus hasn’t skipped leg day

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Looking at the responses on twitter they are becoming less and less patient with TC.

So give them time, soon they’ll stop communication across all platforms.

There is no date.