When is the update for single stick happening

Like the title says. Im really looking forward for this update so centering my shots in cover with the snipe arnt a pain in the A zz anymore.
Is it going to be before op.4 . Or op.4 or after?
Does anyone know?

Did they announce a change was coming with that? That would be great if they did.

In the last developer stream they said it will.be an option to have single stick without auto centering.
So they do listen. It just take 7 plus months :grin:
Side note -
Unfortunately. I think they said they were actually thinking or planning on slowing the game down even more. Which i really hope i heard wrong. Because i dont think i can take another slow down .
To me it would literally kill the game. Atleast for me. I want the game sped back up to op.2 movement, if anything.

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Why on earth would they slow the speed of the game down? That’s beyond me. PvP is already quick sand slow enough. The beta playlist isn’t that bad with movement.

To clarify: Jamie (TC dev) said that the next thing coming to the beta playlist would be a reduction to the sliding speed (they had an elaborate metric, but its like a 10% slower slide) so the movement itself (roadie running) should be unchanged but it’ll definitely slow all the wallhackers down :joy:

on a serious note its probably intended to weaken up A’s and make gnasher duels feel a little less hectic, I see it as being probably a negative thing for the game overall but I see where they’re coming from, that’s why they’ll put it in the beta playlist after all, they want feedback :+1:

The stuff I’m more interested in is general weapon balancing (I’m sure they’ll want to test other weapon changes like cryo cannon and so on) or maybe something that effects mechanics (roadie running/mantling/etc.) but all that being said if OP4 maps are good that’s what matters most not small tweaks here and there.

Man perk. If TC breaks that single single movement with the a update the blame will be all on you. If it doesn’t and works well I’ll make sure to give you the :+1:.

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I already think the movement is way to slow. Great thing is they will listen to feed back and if the majority likes it so be it.

Well the logic is that the removal of adhesion/actives on lancer & snub would probably make slowing the cover slide not as problematic, but I’ll have to test it with my own paws before presuming too much.

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I was actually wanting to make a thread on this too. I started using single stick because i find the aim really awkward in gears 5. I barely miss shots over and over like the aiming system is against me in some way. With single stick the aim is less hectic and I’m way sharper with the gnasher. The problem is the auto aim. If I’m corner camping (lol) for example and trying to prepare my aim, it changes on its own and makes it hard on me. I don’t understand why the aim has to change on its own. Like if you look to your flank and let go of the controller then it will automatically move the aim /camera to look back in front on the character. Not optimal!

Well. I blame KENNY BOUNCE for this bs slow down of the game and his blind monions tht just copy and paste his response without actually listening to what RYAN CLEVEN tried telling everyone when he explained the movement and why it was the way it was. He explained it very eloquently imo.
I rewatched that main developer stream when he tried explaining it. But no one actually heard what he was saying.
NO ONE. I mean no one was talking about the up A BOOST PRIOR TO THAT video
Hell. The majority DIDNT even know there was a boost. Not one person brought it up in gears 4.
Basically he said without the boost,you would lose the feeling of fluidity and it would feel like you were moving in mud.

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Exactly. The up a can be countered. It’s a signature move in gears. If I get Up a to much during a match it strictly falls on me and my lazy gameplay. You just have to be aware and ready to play off cover. Hell even Domez has a great video on how to counter the up A. I feel you perk.

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