When is the original horde mode returning to gears 5 again?

Does Anybody know when

Do you mean Gears 2 horde? Gears 3?

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I think he means… Wave 1-50 horde :sweat_smile:

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Ahhh the fabled Unicorn you mean?

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Like a Classic Gears 2 Horde? They never confirmed this. Although I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to implement. If it’ll ever come, it would be Op 5 since Op 5 will yet again have a heavy focus on PVE.


I would fall back in love with Gears if this happens man. 100%!!!

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Hopefully. It’s been much neglected until now.

Yeah and they admitted this. Op 4 & 5 are heavily focused on PVE. Horde is already so much better.

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Good. They should have an update strictly for Horde as Gears 4 did.

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Well Op 4 kinda did that. Horde got a pretty massive update. Then another one is coming in Op 5.

We’re supposed to be getting a lot of Horde event in Op 4 as well.

Oh… I saw enemies are dropping Retro Lancers now :thinking: I don’t think they mentioned that in any of the patch or update notes

It was a massive patch list, they definitely didn’t include everything.