When is the best time to hijack as Jack?

As the post says.

Might be stupid thing to say this because it could be obvious :joy:.

As soon as its ready :sunglasses:

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More or less at the start of any wave if you’re Ultimate is ready.

When there’s something worth hijacking I guess?

Boomers and Mulchers are very good as they have a reasonable amount of movement speed and also pack a real punch. They’re considered to be the best hijack targets.

DR1 Devastators (the ones with the Salvos) are also powerful, but DR1’s have much slower movement as they cannot run, so it’s about hijacking them in a reasonably good position so they can shoot at and reach large numbers of enemies.

I tend to wait until the enemy gets a bit closer to the base before hijacking. That way any damage I do with a hijacked unit, will hopefully be in support of my team mates and the damage they do. Plus it helps to let enemies converge together nearer your base so you spend less time running around looking for enemies to kill.


It’s a good question.

There is no definitive answer as that depends on each individuals playstyle. Aggressive players will probably hijack as soon as it’s available other more defensive, risk adverse players like me will probably hold it until it’s really needed.

Bear in mind that you can’t revive DBNO players whilst hijacked (unless they’re an enemy type that can do that) so that’s something to consider in terms of timing.

Just watching and reading the game unfold is probably the best guide as to when or when not to hijack imo.

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Start of the wave, preferably a Boomshot/Mulcher Scion. If you’re the last one standing let him go again and use him to charge your ult.
One of the reasons why I don’t like playing Jack - Hijack might be powerful but charging the ult is an absolute pain and a waste of time when the rest of the team wants to move on.

When my playtime is limited and I need @GhostofDelta2 to save the day!

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I usually say hi to Jack at the beginning of the match.

Just seems polite.


I think one of the best things about Jack is that there isn’t a hard and fast rule about this. Other than the obvious, “but did anyone die?”

The Sacrifice card changed how I play Jack a bit as now I can add Scions (yes Mulcher and Boomshots are best) to my roster (was mainly Drones) of valid Hijack targets to prevent a wipe when the poop hits the fan. (prior to Sacrifice, if I needed to save the team from wiping, I’d look for a drone. If I wanted to kill a boss or just run up some damage numbers, I’d grab a Mulcher/Boomshot Scion.)

Here is an example of a Sacrifice play I’m proud of. One lane had a Mulcher, and behind us a DR-1 with Salvo, and inside the (minimal) base a Sire was being a typical crack-head. I took the Mulcher and decided to Sacrifice him instead of using him to pad my MVP ribbons. The risk here was that splash damage from the Salvo would likely splat the team while I was glory-hounding it with the Mulcher.


It helps that very high threat mobs make good Hijack potentials. My only complaint is that the Dropshot doesn’t behave in the Scion’s hand the same as it does in players. If you haven’t noticed, it appears to be locked into shooting about Scion waist-level. I haven’t tested the Dropshot in Palace Guard hands, though. But if I see a PG with a Dropshot, I’m likely going to take him out of principle.

Depend of how do you play and your team.

If you are in a team and party chat, you can coordinate what enemy to Hijack so the other players don’t kill your next to be hijacked enemy.

I played most of the time alone with randoms or with a friend + randoms (and no party chat) so I try to Hijack at the start of the wave after spotting most of the enemies and try to guess what can my team do or what enemy is more difficult to kill for the team.

If you run a team full of snipers, I try to Hijack an enemy who can flank them. If your team is full of Demo/Tactician I try to Hijack enemies that are still alive.

Most of the time the team is a balanced one (no dupes), but if my team have classes who can’t do constant bleeding (Mechanic, Combat medic) I try most of the time to Hijack Bastions.

If the base is being overrun, I try to Hijack the enemy who deals a lot of damage or an enemy who can revive (I don’t use Sacrifice).

The most annoying thing is when I want to Hijack a Scion and for some reason I Hijack a Juvie



If you are going to Jack it with them, it is the right thing to do. Should probably take them to dinner first though.



I’ll tell you when not to Hijack an enemy….when it’s bleeding to death from a Boomshot and someone hijacks it when there’s only 1hp left. Made me waste my boom and took my kill lmao.


At a time that benefits the team and not personal dmg stats


The rare times I play jack. I tunnel vision to Elite Drones, Grenadiers. Boomer and Mulcher scions. Cyclops as well during the early waves since you can hijack them and none of the enemies will shoot you.

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When sh*t hits the fan. Although I find it funny you can’t hijack Wardens even if the helmet is off since it’s been long demoted to a regular enemy (in most cases). lol

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Another question related to Jack…

Can anyone confirm if this is true, please. If you hijack a popper, you’ll immediately have your ultimate back. Is this true?

Or am I wrong?

Another question to…

If you hijack grenadier elite (locust), can you swap nades? Or if you hijack elite grenadier, can you swap with flashbang???

Edit: Put a video for reference at what moment you need to Hijack Grenadiers for infinite grenades

I don’t know about Hijacking a Popper, but for swapping to grenades, you can’t.

Except if you Hijack a Grenadier just when they use a grenade. In that case, you can only attack with that grenade, you can’t swap weapons.

Here is a video:

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My experience with hijacking Poppers is that it does not give you your ult back and you’re very likely to kill yourself in the process when you end the hijack because TC in their infinite wisdom forgot to make it such that your hijacked Popper doesn’t kill you when it dies or the ability ends.