When is Horde Mania coming back?

Being able to play an intense game of 25 waves was (IMO) the best idea TC has come up with yet for Horde

. Now it’s gone and only one 25 wave on casual is available. Does anyone know when Mania will return? Does anyone else appreciate a fast game of 25 over a 3-5 hour game of 50 waves?

Also, let’s get 4xp back for Horde! :slight_smile:

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Dont think it will come back for a little while since its been up for nearly a month. They probably going to be rotating through old events.

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Hope it does! Gets frustrating playing with an unranked or green engineer or scout then All quit and then sit and wait another four minutes lol


Well, when I asked in today stream about Horde Mania coming back , they said “Yes” as when is coming? I don’t know they did not tell lol
But could be soon… Feral Horde Pack is dropping tomorrow and it might come with the playlists just my idea not 100% sure!

Rick! You know me on my main acct (Al, friend of Queen). If you ever need a Horde buddy hit me up. I took a long break but I’m playing on PC now and have been wanting to get in some Hordes.

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I don’t think there was a single person who agreed with removing horde mania


Who even said it was going to be up permanently anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

The game is like nearly 2 years old and does people not realise special events always gets rotated? Whether rotates to old event or brand new one.

What they should do, is make it a private option.

I appreciate speedruns because they last 50 mins or so

Ok cool! I’ll add you meow!

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