When is heroic lahni releasing?

when do we think heroic lahni will release in the store?


It was TC teasing @RelaxingKoty


Theyre doing it on purpose man.


Lol then it’s me and @RelaxingKoty. I’m looking forward to getting my hand on that skin.
Heroic Lahni looks awesome :heart_eyes_cat:

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She has the best Heroic Skin by far. Her skin tone goes with the white armor so well, it gives it a nice contrast. I love that its her brash brigade armor too.

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Agreed, I’m not the biggest Lahni fan but her heroic skin :flushed:

Its definitely better than Marcus and Kaits. Idk about Bairds though.

they want @RelaxingKoty to up his bid. “maybe he’ll bring it to 2 million”


At least you have a skin, they teased me with a gears 3 dom face but no gears 3 dom armor to go with it :confounded:

His hair doesnt look like a puff ball anymore.

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Don’t bring race into this you insert stars here :policeman:

I think she is the only one who looks great in Heroic skin.

Imho Marcus and Baird look like gangsters lol

Myrrah is okay-ish…

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Cactus is the only good heroic swarm skin tbh.

I dont have 2 million :frowning:

Only 1.2 million.

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Lol, well I don’t own any heroic skin and was never a fan of swarm/locust skins.

Lahni will be one and only :slight_smile:

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I considered buying Baird but do I want to waste a ton of Coalition credits on him when CS exists?

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This week is Kait + Jack

Next week is Hivebuster Anya + Hana

Following week is Lahni in a bundle

Week after is Drop 2 content.

Thats the last straw mineman.

Does anybody have the in game footage of the Lahni skin, it was removed from GearsLeaks Twitter?

I’m more of a Sam guy anyways :wink:

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I will accept this statement as an apology.

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I do like Lahnis laugh though :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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