When is a tuning update

Played Gears 5 for the first time in awhile to rank again. Man I forgot how bad it is. So the real question is when are we getting a tuning update? I am signing off as soon as I place and that’s sad. We desperately need one, the game play is just a horrid experience. That should quell a lot of complaining.

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Unfortunately the game for me is practically unplayable.

Teleportations, shooting someone who is there and then isn’t.

The in game sounds are like something from a pre smart phone mobile game.

Keep getting stuck on the loading screen if I attempt to go on QuickPlay.

Nearly three months after launch and it isn’t getting better. I think heads should roll at TC. and then they can slip into oblivion where they richly belong.


It’s briefly playable, it’s just boring.

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That too! Such a shame really.

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What do you mean by tuning?
The game is sluggish and has input delays like no other game has right now. Random hit registrations. What more can you ask for?

Yeah lately there is a lot of teleportation and weird server problems unrelated to individual ping.

Also footsteps seem broken at times. Sometimes they’re loud and clear and fine…but very rarely somebody just walks right up to me without hearing a single audio of footstep…it’s like the volume for their character got turned off or something.

Imo tuning is fine tho. Gnasher gib range seems a little far and getting gibbed in weird ways is frustrating. But this might be related to those weird server problems mentioned.


Weirdly that’s how it feels for me too.

I’m happy with my characters movements, But seeing other players just disappear all over the map and attempting to shoot is quite impossible.

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The Versus and Horde is more of a disgrace than anything else. They were off to a good start with UE then Gears of War4…eventually. They then decided to discard all knowledge from the fans and respect for the Veterans to bring us this barely recognisable sequel.

What’s worse is it’s possible they’ve made alterations to Gears of War 4 to render it difficult to play and as a result gently sway people to play their most recent abomination.

I saw someone roll to the side 30 ft away from me…and then I blinked and the guy was right up to my character and I died. I checked my ping and their ping, in the 20s…There’s def some weird stuff going on right now.


Strangely I’ve noticed that match making on Gears 4 is taking a long time. I’m talking 22 mins so far.

I do think they have introduced an algorithm that makes matchmaking as frustrating as possible to encourage players off the game and onto Gears 5.


Perhaps TC should take a leaf out of CoD. I have to admit I am impressed with the speed that they fix issues and get an update out.

Whilst we wait nearly three months to play a AAA title that shouldn’t have been released in its present form.

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