When Horde just works as fun

Played a custom horde today as JD on reclaimed map, , brother was Jack and we got a couple of hi level JD’s / Kate’s / Faz’s drop in / out as it went on … we screwed up and set it up only as intermediate, but what a laugh when the team works. we had a Faz who stayed with us all 50 levels who even apologized he was watching TV and was only popping in every so often

Every one dumped energy in fab early we had a forge up and multi lockers within a few waves … we locked the top area up with 2 * LVL 2 barriers on both sides, Lvl 4 Sentryand lvl 4 shock on both sides … 5 * lvl 4 lockers full of tris hots, salvos and stuff and then after wave 30 it just got a bit silly … we had multi level 1 barriers laid length ways into the kill zones , lvl 4 decoys pulling them in and even added lvl 4 shocks into the railing views from the top and finished with over 200K energy in the fab as we simply could not use it .

Great team and huge laugh