When does the whats up for this week update?

When do we find out about the what’s up for this week ? Kinda gettting tired of asking for my skins over a month later lmao

Agreed, and hopefully in 20 mins if history repeats itself.

Usually 2pm ET

Did you get yours ???

It’s out and its another let down


Nope they’re not doing it for another week LOL. What a joke

Honestly bro like I don’t get what’s so hard about giving skins out that it takes over a month

They’ve messed everything up this entire season. Breaking promises on deadlines left and right, never responding anything unless spammed on a livestream for an hour straight, etc. Worst group of community managers I’ve ever seen in any video game. I hate to be that guy spewing this paragraph, but considering they have 3 people, this is sad. They haven’t even given us anything to play for in ranked.

Look at the hustle with Fortnite devs for comparison. They have season rewards as you hit them, they have a set time for the new season since it starts, they have a new one every 70 days, etc. Gears is complicated, slow, and has zero accountability on deadlines.


Lol another next week update. They should have done an in game claim rewards thing from the get go.

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It certainly has been disappointing.

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