When does the sixth season begin?

I remember TC said that the fifth season was only going to last 3 months (starting in October and ending in December). What do you says guys?

Probably next year.

I believe it’s around Feb.

I think 7 February 2019 is the last day of season 5, so presumably season 6 starts the day after…? Or is there usually a small break in between?

As soon as one ends, another begins. Interestingly enough, the last night is always full of players grinding for diamond or whatever rank they’re after. Easy to find matches.

Another season of “I won 6 in a row, didn’t move but lost 1 and dropped 20%” posts :wink:


Next season begins on February.

If you want to know the exact date, you just gotta look at the emerald Gear challenge in your achievment list.

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