When does the 6xp stop?

Just wondering

Anyone Know?

It’s ended now. Well, for me anyway…

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Today I think. I could be wrong though

My end seems to indicate it’s back to 100%. Doesn’t bother me a whole lot, I wasn’t interested in using it much even if I could do 1 Reup or more potentially every day.

If you stay in your original lobby do you still get the boost? Got to re up 30 so I have no regrets either way.

Yeah i though it would be around 6pm uk time.


Minutes ago and I was hoping they would extend it further.

@TC_Sera Can’t we celebrate this event more since there was no maps announcement nor any PvE updates?

Well on the bright side we “only” have to wait two more months until we can say good riddance to this useless Reup system. Which is likely before we see another XP boost come around.

I dont think so, as when it started it was 400% and after i did a few runs while they fixed it it went to 500%, i never left the lobby.

During xp events on gears 2 if u never turned the game off anyone who joined that person would still get the bonus.

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Is it going to be replaced? I don’t watch dev streams…

The progression designer was on there a while ago and confirmed for good they were going to redo the Reups. And it’s really about time. Right now it looks they’ll get it in for Op 5. I still don’t see how anyone in their right minds could design it with such ridiculous requirements and then expect it to be reflective of the time people have played the game for.


Replaced, hmm. Its getting changed, that much we know.

I think it will be the same as the allie change which went from 1-5 to 1-10, therefore 50 reups will probably get changed to 100 reups and then they will add that to seriously chapter 2 with even more ridiculous requirements.


I was happy until I read that, now i’m breathing furiously…My heart doesn’t handle such numbers!

More than a year to change some simple calculations :yawning_face:, guess rod took the abacus when he left.


Im quite happy atm, i managed to go from reup 38 to reup 41 lvl 45. 28000 per lvl sucks tho😥

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Sweet Jesus… I’m at re-up 17 and I already think it’s ridiculous to get 9,000 do… I couldn’t even imagine 28,000…

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Wait. What’s going to change in the system? Re-doing the rewards? Lowering XP requirements? Remove re-up XP requirements? I like re-uping…

I don’t like how much XP it takes when you reach higher re-ups, but that shows your dedication, I guess.

Only Tc knows that answer :sleepy:

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