When Does season 7 Start

I was was wondering when the last season come out ?

2nd July 2019 at 6pm BST / 10am PST.

Times are estimated, give or take an hour, but you can track the reset via the Website on the Ranking page.

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Do you think we’ll have series 3 cards

Highly unlikely.

Wont this be the last season of gears 4? Since 5 is out in couple of months

Most likely.

??? Yes


Spoiler Alert:


It would start 17:00 GMT.

If its the last one i hope theres something cool planned. I mean something atleast hehe

Highly unlikely.

Ah i see, well anyways do they make any posts or something when a new season is out? With info about the season etc. I’m really new so im just trying to ask as much as i can and learn haha

Whats the diamond reward this season?

i dont think that info is out yet

So I was on the website just now and see all of my pvp ranks have been cleared and say I need to play 5 matches to place. I checked on my laptop and my phone. Usually this happens if the season resets but the site still says Season 6. I havent been on my PC or console to see if my ranks are in game still but has anyone else seen this? I hope it is not just me since I just hit my Diamond 2 in TDM.


Season 6 is probably wrong. It’s supposed to be Season 7. But it does seem like it’s reset. You would’ve been Diamond 1 already before Diamond 2. Would have to do it all again.

Yea I had a different post that got moved to here. So this all make sense now. I guess the site just didnt fully update and is it a weird transitional period. Hopefully they have a good Diamond Master emblem to grind for this time!

Anyone know when season 7 is going to reset? i want to get my diamond 5 emblem

Sometime in January I believe.

Yes, no precise date other than January 2020. This is from a What’s Up back in August

The current Ranked Season will continue through to January 2020. In January 2020, with the vast majority of the game’s population moving to Gears 5, we will be removing all aspects of Ranked play from Gears 4.

In its place will be a new series of playlists across Core and Competitive. These playlists will have relaxed latency and skill rating rules for matchmaking to make finding matches easier in a significantly reduced population. With Ranking removed, all quit penalties will be disabled.