When does Season 4 end?

I’m surely missing it somewhere but when does Season 4 end? Just saw the note about needing 6,000 kills for the skin and wanted to figure out when it would have to be completed by?

No you’re not. They don’t announce end dates for season until 1-2 weeks before it ends.

If history repeats itself, it’ll be 5 months from mid-May, so that’ll be mid-October. No one knows right now though.

Edit: Someone said that Octus said mid-September on the livestream. So maybe this season is only 4 months instead of 5 like Season 3.


Exactly, in today devs’stream, they gave a “time window” for the end of this season. I quote : “Mid-September minimum”. So yeah, Mid-September/October.

Ah ok so if he did in fact say “minimum”, then I think October is realistic. They are always late to deadlines and will probably postpone it in an effort to give themselves more time to give out rewards.

Salt intended btw.

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He did, you can trust me I’ve watched the full stream and played in TC Octus’s team on a King of the Hill match on Forbe Blitz. The stream is available on their channel, so anyone can verify that I’m telling the truth. I wouldnt lie about anything. Also, did you see my other post ? if you know players from Europe, please link me to them I’m sick of randoms. ^-^

The salt is real :laughing:

Lol not accusing you of lying. I plan on watching the entire stream later tn anyway.

But yeah, I know a bunch of players from Europe. The only problem is that they play on PC and therefore we are in a Discord together. If you are able to talk on Discord while playing (not sure if you’re on PC or Xbox), then I can send you a link to the Discord. I think @III_EnVii_III is from EU if I’m not mistaken, and he plays on the Xbox mostly. That’s the only Xbox EU player I know unfortunately.


Thank U for your answer ^^ I appreciate it. Yeah, playing from xbox. I’m gonna try to get in contact with Envii and see what he says.

Correct, I am from Manchester, UK.

I play on my One X mainly and sometimes on my PC.

Both platforms I use my Controller and Mic plus use my keyboard on both for chat either with people in game or within party chat for those that join and don’t have a mic.

Anyone can feel free to add me and I normally get 2-5 people together for KOTH.

I’m currently ranked Onyx 2 - my lowest so far - but I’d say my skill level is top end Onyx 3 almost / just about Diamond 1.



I say sure hit me up and we can definitely have a few games next time I’m on :+1:

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