When does Operation 1 end exactly?

When does Operation 1 end exactly? There has been so many issues I was hoping this would be extended to end of December, The counter shown in-game is confusing AF.

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Agreed about the in game counter

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I am 2 ranks away from General, it would kind of suck to miss it. I don;pt have the iron to refresh star objectives often.

Yea, i see it saying 2 hours left then 3 days left…or whatever.

I don’t understand it either

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Week Tuesday

Don’t quote me


Sure i read somewhere, maybe “Nov 25th Whats Up” that operation 2 starts on the 11th Dec ?

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I hope Coalition is reading this. There should not be so much confusion regarding such a key feature of the game. Progression system needs to be crystal clear, it is anything but in Gears 5.

If it ends in 2 weeks, Dec 11th, I might be OK. If it ends this coming Tuesday I am pretty sure I will be 1 rank short. The last two ranks sure require a lot of stars…

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