When does 5.0 equal 2,5? Horde IronMan

When ironman was introduced here were the comments

“Plus, exclusive to Horde, Ironman adds a 5% XP bonus for all XP earned and XP Bounties completed during the match.”

The Horde results page does not match that statement.

Actual ironman xp bonus is

Wave Completion 2.5%
Ribbons 2.5%
Consecutive Wave Bonus 2.5%
Bounty Bonus 5.0%

Since bounty bonuses are not impacted by xp bonus events, I wonder if the 2x xp change is driving the 2.5 result. which means if there was a 4x xp event the ironman bonus would be 1,25%.

Another xp fiasco.

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So what we learn from that?

Not worthy.

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