When do you think Gears 5 will release this year?

I’m curious to see when people think Gears 5 will be released. Personally I think it will be around October time again, since we haven’t heard anything.

I’m predicting that it will be similar to E3 before Gears 4 releases, get announced, next years one they preview some gameplay and announce the release date.

Let me know!

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I agree. I think it will be late in the year but before the Christmas r ush.

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There is some memorabilia coming out in April. I’d say beta releases then. October for full game. Most likely the game is 90% ready now. Microsoft will decide the timing. Hoping it isn’t rushed…


We have done this a few times ?
Anyway Sept-Oct for me.

I would love legitimate beta testing as well, much like we got with 3. Proper testing for Gearheads to give feedback.

Whenever we get, I can’t wait. I fookking love Gears :wink:


I forgot about the beta, if TC are doing another one maybe we could expect it in the next 4 months.


this will be MS’ big fall/winter 2019 game. even if the game was ready to launch next week they have nothing else to ship in 9 months anyway.

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The Gears 3 and 4 Betas came out in mid-spring, prior to their full releases during the fall. The Betas themselves were announced the previous year. Curiously, there hasn’t been any substantial news about Gears 5 since E3 2018 and still no word on a possible beta.

Projected outcomes:
59.53% chance the game releases September-October with a Beta in late spring and possibly a last-minute tie-in with Crackdown 3.

26.71% chance the game releases in November with a Beta after E3 2019.

10.13% chance the game releases sometime during the fall without a Beta.

3.63% chance the game is delayed to 2020.

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I respect the effort you went into to come up with this conclusion.

I’m hoping Gears POP comes out in the next 3 months and alongside that they announce the beta. That’d be perfect, and then we won’t have long to wait until E3 and get the release date.

This is how I hope it happens.

IMO it’s gonna be either the last week of september or the first half of october.

I wouldn’t be mad if it came out on friday, Sept 27th, a day after my birthday :grin:

I’m hoping it’ll be around that time too, Gears 4 came out on my bday(if you preordered the ultimate edition) would be so happy if it was the same time.

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November, with a beta after e3 is my guess