When do you think Gears 5 has started to fail?

How was arcade a misstep? I wouldn’t play this same old tired pvp game for yet another title so having arcade losses them nothing. Arcade was the one mode in the uk that I never waited longer than 1 minute to get a game no matter what time I played.

That cannot be said for even horde where sometimes it can take me forever to get a game going with half decent people.

They tried that for years and the game is in a slow death roll. No one in the EU wants to play it. The unique CQC had its place in 2007 but it soon lost its charm. Yep there are still quite a few that love and cherish it but not enough to keep a franchise like this worth the investment.

I feel like it died because of the lower difficulty levels. It’s should have been promoted as hard and nothing under insane should exist. What you were left with is people not learning the mode and rushing through to get kills. It also needed the ability to have random modifiers like horde does. They should also have stamped on the speed runs early. By the time I came to escape I either have masters players carrying me or people just blasting ahead on lower difficulties. Unless you had two friends it was a poor experience.

I don’t think gears did fail, I think the pvp failed but that always will in its current format, it’s niche, fun for a few ignored by the masses. What I want from a Gears pvp will never exist so I’m happy to consider it doesn’t even exist in gears 6. Long live pve.

about escape… well was not a bad idea… but has been left to dead… I mean is just so repetitive and if you do not have a decent teammate is just frustrating as it gets…

Then TC seems that they forgot about it and left it as it is… I pointed out, was a stupid request, but I’ve asked for the chance to add a skip button to the initial cut scene… I mean loading times are overly exaggerated if you had a non-skippable scene… is stupid I know but

They always left good ideas on the table … most of the suggestions were made but never listened to them… I mean, PvP became soon a joke, but if you lose pve also… is the endgame…

About 1/2 way through the game’s dev cycle.

Although there is a case for saying that Gears started to fail when MS paid way too much to Epic for it…which has resulted in 2 poor main series entries, both of which have been focused on dresses / fleecing idiots.

I don’t mind the fleecing idiots part, but dropping unfinished products as the £$E stream is guaranteed, is not acceptable…although it is just as much a consumer issue as a dev issue.

So maybe my answer should really be when TC / MS realised that Gears fans are prepared to put up wth any old garbage, and waste their money on dresses in a garbage product.

I want also to add another couple of things that I keep addressing since ages but still not fixed:

Remapping controller causing me to not able to use the Ultimate on horde/escape as for my settings I should be able to activate but nothing, this was since OP 6 and I’ve to send tickets since then but nothing.

Being kicked out from Pvp Quickplay and ranked: The same story, on QP basically o respawn it actually starts to act weird, like cannot shoot, cannot respawn, cannot change weapon, slide in slow-mo… starting with no weapon and then kicked out

On PVP it kicks me out for no reason, and cannot join back.

All this lack of support on these fixes makes this game even worse and TC being so dodgy is actual bad

When TC decided to add woke politics during the development of the game. Get woke. Get broke!


To be honest with regards the main campaign I think this guy nailed it with his latest video.

Like Gears 4, garbage.

I don’t think Gears 5 failed. It just didn’t come out of the gates swinging in a great position.

I personally don’t see how slowing the game down is a failure to some. It’s the no slower than the originals that seem to be the greatest of all time. It’s just not as fast as 4, the worst one excluding judgment.

Couple points:

  1. Stopping support of escape was a huge mistake. The mode could have done so much more and they gave up on it.

  2. Continued support of class’s and cards. For gears 6, they need to treat horde and whatever mode that utilizes classes and abilities as any other RPG style game with quarterly new abilities, classes, and nerds/buffs. The operations that included these were hands down the best options.

  3. Weapons and weapon rotations. There were not a lot of weapons added to 5. New weapons and bringing back older weapons should be continued. Scorcher and breechshot returning were great. It keeps the meta fresh and keeps things interesting. Same goes for weapon rotations on maps.

One HUGE plus was continued support for 2 years after relsease. This just wasn’t done in previous gears titles and operations for an entire 24 months was great to have at keeping things as fresh as they could be.

As for weapon tunings, they SHOULD happen. If people are abusing mechanics like wrap shot, backs As and certain weapons because they are OP or creating a horrrible experiment, nerfs and buffs need to happen. So the weapon tunings were welcomed in my book. How people on here call this a weakness or failure is beyond me.

Gears 6 wish list:

  1. PVE mode that includes missions that utilize assets from campaign. There are a lot of great scenes in campaign that we just never get to see again

  2. Gears Tactics style of customization.

  3. Overrun style PvP mode where PVE abilities can be brought over to a PvP type mode. It would be fun to play as a veteran/pilot class against someone who was playing as a matriarch or boomer.

  4. Objectives in horde

  5. Maps with changing time of day.

  6. Maps that are closed in PVP and open up in PVE

  7. A single game that is just refined over 5 years (think destiny 2/GTA V) instead of making the game fun and playable to start all over with a new game and mechanics

  8. Including 7, yearly campaign DLC to introduce new Enemies, weapons, abilities, etc

  9. Weapon customization- a scope on a lancer to increase zoom, metal armor to increase damage taken be decrease speed

  10. Biweekly fun original game modes for PVP like we are seeing now and not re hashed golden gun/luck of the draw


I haven’t yet read the OP text, OR the responses. I will, But I want to give an openminded answer; the finished game was cut up before release because of microtransactions (money in short). No complete weapon/skinsets etc…
It broke the game, made a lot of unneccecairy bugs come to be. Most afterwards actually came after trying to fix all that :man_shrugging:t3:

Yeah… this is one of those oxymorons I will never quite understand because the way I see it, the game just happens to feature a female protagonist (which in itself is neither woke or not woke) and it’s the anti-woke crowd who bang on about the level of supposed “wokeness” that keeps the fires burning. Basically “wokeness” is becoming an artificial self-fulfilling prophecy which is only used by those who consider themselves to be anti-woke. Unless you’re attributing the issues of GOW5 to a bunch of Pride banners, which would be like saying GOW4 is rubbish because of Luchador Oscar…

Now poor or questionable story-telling is another matter.

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Gears has always been a “woke” game, the actual issue at hand is how TC went across with their main three. TC makes better side characters.

Anybody remember gears 1 where the guy who busts you out of prison is a latino man? Or our CO for most of Act I was of Asian descent?

I guess it depends on how you define “woke”. I mean, as you say the characters in the original trilogy cover a spectrum of different ethnic backgrounds. But no-one complained. I remember some people complaining a bit when in GOW3 they introduced female characters, made them playable and they had become frontline soldiers (although apparently they always had been in the lore, but just not really shown as such in the games), but this was attributed to the situation in the universe which was desperate so anyone who could fight was needed to fight. But on the whole, I don’t remember seeing all that much complaining about this.

But the whole Kait thing, I think is more of a reflection of society now. These things have always kinda been there. I don’t think GOW5 is any different and it doesn’t present any “woke” agenda anymore than any other previous title aside from having a female protagonist. There’s things like Microsoft supporting BLM with a donation; Pride flags; tweeting things in support of Pride and things like that, but it hardly affects the game does it? It’s not as if the campaign story is a thinly veiled re-telling of Orwell’s “Animal Farm”; or the PVE class system was created as a homage to Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” is it? :smiley:

More and more, it just feels like the term “woke” is just a perjorative statement to be used whenever someone wants to express anger at something.


I find the term also lazy because people throw the word around but probably dont understand what it actually means :joy:

In my opinion, I dont find Kait interesting. The hivebusters offer more imo and they only had an act of content and a comic line.

I also feel that it could be due to the characters being young? Old delta were all in their late 30s while young delta are in their mid 20s at the latest. they had a cushy life while old Delta spent their whole lives fighting for the human race.

But then again Fahz and Lizzie exist and I both like them alot too.

I think the thing that bothers me, is that in recent and current media there have been some poorly written female characters who don’t have an arc, so there’s little development. But with Kait, I think there is. We can debate how well or not well this was done, but there is an arc. Same applies to JD (whose role in GOW5 seems to be linked to this debate as I’ve heard some people complain about JD being presented as a knobhead in the story). I personally found it to be fairly well written. I’m definitely not seeing the “woke” agenda here. It was personal for Kait because she discovered that her grandmother was the Locust queen - quite a biggy really. And other characters follow her as a result. It always seemed that Marcus being the elder of the group simply respected this fact (I wonder if in some ways he feels empathy for Kait due to his own father’s role in the original war? Maybe Myrrah’s words at the end of GOW3 resonated?); while Del was there out of loyalty; and JD wanted to make amends. There’s probably alot of distrust for the New COG and Jinn too, so in that context it’s not absurd that Kait slipped into a leading role in the game.

Anyway, I think it be best to leave it at that. Lest this thread turn into one of those classic-GOW-fans threads and gets locked.

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I also took it as its Kaits journey so for her to become the lead role for a bit makes total sense. But personally there are somethings I would change like adding an act with JD and Fahz running missions for Jinn and taking off the act III section (making it a classic gears act and not open world) and removing the choice and not killing Lizzie.

Quite some changes but I liked most of the direction of 5 :sunglasses:

For sure. I had hoped that there would be campaign DLC covering JD and Fahz in this intervening period of time. I personally thought the change in JD’s personality in this time was explained and was perfectly fine, but admittedly it’s not immediately obvious (I attributed it to JD being in a coma which could potentially cause some changes to a person’s personality; but more pertinently I attributed it to JD reflecting on his behaviours following his near-death experience - Marcus even reprimands JD in Act 1 after the events of Azura about what is and isn’t necessary in the line of duty. And JD’s “heroism” later also cost Lizzie her life).

The open-world bits were a good idea as a concept, just poorly executed. These bits just feel too empty. It’s a video game and players need gameplay, but as it is these sections are just part of our commute to the next dungeon section where we have our next fight.

I’m torn on this. Because I think Escape is unique and offers more potential than it delivered on. At the same time, if continued support of Escape hives would mean even less standard maps than we got, I would happily take the maps over the hives.

What they should have done is cycled user generated hives in a playlist to keep things fresh while limiting developer resources. Why even make the option to build custom hives if they won’t do anything with it?

I actually never considered this before, but I still wouldve liked to have seen why Fahz and JD became buddy buddy. Maybe some more vulnerable parts of Fahz couldve been shown? JD feeling sorry for himself?

It’s funny that you mention this because it reminded me of how Marcus got thrown into the slab in the first place. He tried being a hero to his dad and he got a bunch of people killed and lost Ephyra, and the cherry on top is that he punched Hoff in the face.

Like father like son :relieved:

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For me, personally, the ammo starvation aspect of Escape at launch completely and totally killed any interest I might have had in that mode.

PvE in Gears is not, for me, about counting bullets, and planning hard how to make every bullet count.

Then stupid tricks, like having one player pick up all the weapons, then pick up all the ammo boxes, then having to drop the weapons for others to pick up - that just made me wanna vomit, the stupidity of it. What’s the skill aspect here??

So yeah, it wasn’t that I wasn’t willing to put in the time to learn it - it completely was the opposite of what I enjoyed and wanted from gears PvE, so I dropped it and never looked back…


Like you said, it’s a trick. I dont think theres any skill at all involved.

yeah, I understand later hives moved away from this ‘this mode is about ammo management’ mentality, and it became more of a combat thing, and I am curious to try it ( I just haven’t been able to jump into any of @RumblyMonkey991 's games yet, to watch how the pros do it, while being carried :slight_smile: ) … We’ll see…

On the PvP side, for me, the game was still born. it was never good (and I loved gow4 pvp). There was 1 short period where the movement and the tunings were all right, and they got lots of praise for it on the forums but it was quickly reverted. I suspect a tuning we like means a steeper learning curve and they are all about supporting and collecting NEW PLAYERS, so as soon as they saw new players were not sticking around, the rest of us got the finger).

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