When do you think Gears 5 has started to fail?

I mean the entireity of gears 5 PvE was innovated compared to 4 and people love it. Granted they took a while to add more variety but still.

Only playing with a friend makes more tolerable deal with those but the average horde is vomitive, play their respective roles/classes is unimaginable, impossible. Not incentive to play actually. And I was only playing to help that friend on beat the 50 horde matches she need to complete the achievement but is impossible with a lot of quitters or morons don’t have a clue how to use the classes, Escape was ok but is dead, and pvp is dead for me no matter what changes they will do even on Gears 6 and I’m not interested on it. I Only ‘cause I’m still a fan of the franchise I rarely play it but I don’t have expectations with this developer.

I’m just interpreting what he said.

I feel like escape died down because it lacked the variety of horde mode.

I doubt that, escape actually has variety, some hives are harder than others. People arent willing to put in the effort to learn escape. And I’m certain not having your weapons or having a low amount of ammo is off putting for some.


It didn’t put people off fortnite though. Epics most profitable game :sunglasses:

Fortnite is a free game.

It obviously has a much bigger fan base.

At launch, when MS decided it was okay to release a broken, unpolished, overpriced MTX, hollow mess of a game. They face planted right then and there, causing many casual and longtime players to quit.

Then, after 4 - 5 operations spent making a comeback, they butchered VS with the horrible tuning we essentially had no say in.


It’s free yet it’s the most profitable. That says a lot about it.

People would rather play free than a $60 game, now if Gears 5 was free like how fortnite is, then you might have a point. Fortnite is also available on PC, Xbox, and Playstation so…

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It says that Fortnite is the center of Epic’s marketing plan, with an enormous team, budget, and cameos from Street Fighter, super heroes and ■■■■■■■ LeBron James.

Are we really comparing Fortnite and Gears as if they’re remotely close to comparable?


Yes what’s your point? Gears wouldn’t be more profitable even if it was on all consoles and free. PvP is pretty niche all things considered and since you can earn almost all cosmetics there’s little to no reason to pay for microtransactions.

It actually would. More people can actually access the game, dude its literally common sense.

Now would gears be a giant like fortnite or cod with the floodgates being open? Definitely not. But its pretty ignorant to not say gears would have a decent population increase and make some moneys on newcomers.

Okay I thought it made sense in context so I’ll repeat that.
“Gears wouldn’t be more profitable than fortnite even if it was on all consoles and free”

Nope it wouldn’t.

Hi mate, I don’t disagree, I was saying that I felt the implication of them, may have turned players off. Open world, the choice, no Delta lead etc.
And pve with the Horde class system and unable to choose characters etc.

I do not know bro

I genuinely dont know anybody who says *oh man im gonna vote gridlock even though tomb and Allfathers arena are the other choices

I do not like Allfathers arena. Tomb is growing on me. Slowly

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I’m so glad I dont party up with you.

I’m sure you’re a very nice person and all but… :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:


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Forgot the following.

  • Rank modes are lacking compared to other games in the gears set.

  • Weapons rotation is bad or removed from ranked modes making most matches Grab power weapon.

  • Active reload was gutted on pawn weapons adding to the power weapon hugging.

  • Gnasher shots still feels Iffy, (I’ve point blanked players and still got killed)

  • Ranked rework at launch didn’t work, rework v2 was better but forced players to take a skill tax, Then they just removed it.

  • Escape mode was hyped up. it’s a joke now. game doesn’t highlight new user maps but only the maps to grind out kill quotas also horde mode… does anyone actively finish it? (honest question). The choice in the story mode. (the more I think about it the more arbitrary it feels, also I feel like JD’s death is cannon