When do you think Gears 5 has started to fail?

Just want to open up this topic to gather as much feedback as possible to incentivize TC or future devs on Gears 6 to take note and do better and not fall again for mistakes that have always been addressed but never listened to.

Myself first. I think Gears 5, overall had a good impact as it became that kind of game that you want to play only because you are bored af and you kind of enjoy playing it. The way the game has always been, makes you feel that is always a good time to get your gnasher out and get some kills.

On the other side tho, I felt the decline each and every operation especially when the biggest. , and worst tuning has ever been dropped, things went downhill, with no breaks at all. Slower movements, FTD damage, bullet magnetism, gib range, alternate weapon slowed down like hell, cancel slide and shot delays… man I could keep going… for most of the people crossover was, is, and always will be the problem (not for me)

Maps: only a couple of them, IMO, are worthy to be in this game… maps like Pahanu , are the worst thing ever made for a franchise like Gears… people like going after each other with a shotgun in their hands and get some nice chunkshot… but the few maps are way to broaden and incentivize camping with no action in the game… you can literally fall asleep. Other maps are kind of ok, but players voting for the same ones over and over again, and the lack of adding more feels like we’ve been left behind to play with the same toys.

Skins: I mean, this became a good idea to follow the actual trend that we are witnessing in the modern game era, luckily for us, here on Gears 5, there is the option to not spend an eye of the head to get your fav skin … what it takes is a week and you got what you want… but does it worth it? IMO, meh… as the skins are good for the overall appearance of your fav character, but the lack of the actual rarity, uniqueness to show off is actually felt… as no one bothers if you got the newest black steel Kait or the newest set… people who got them first got ripped as after a while they went for sale with coins or for a cheaper price… I’d be more willing to go for looting one

Pve: it is something that you can do without stressing too much going for a horde or escape is a nice way to break from PvP but for how long you can grind? The horde, IMO, has the kind of feeling of ''seen it already somewhere (gears 4) with, pardon my french, the bs of deeds, shield protection, choppers, flying non-sense thing that are not what the original horde was meant for. … all these classes, superpowers, special abilities, etc… .make it a non-sense to me… was much funnier when was kept simple, smooth against only locusts… period.

Pve Escape: The actual idea was kind of cool but never been optimized, at its fullest, There has always been a lack of idea in this project… yes some fix here and there, but never felt a substuntial impact . Escape was good at the beginning. .but after a while… what is the point of it? is it funny when you have done it 20 times in a day? The lack of new maps, or traps, enemies, make it repetitive and boring… I’d better had a look at gears Judgment

Tour of Duty and daily tasks: Man… where do I start with this one? ALWAYS the same kind of tasks… ‘‘5 headshots’’ kill X scion, ‘’ kill with frags’’, ‘‘escape from 2 hives’’
EVERY single day the same kind of thing… tbh I stopped doing it… is boring and doesn’t offer me the chill t to go after these tasks… oh, not to mention that some of the tasks are still bugged since Op1 but no one cares.

PvP: Well… this is something that could fire the thread… so I want to say that I am kind of cool with that… but the tuning ruined it for good… the damage that you do is fake as hell… not corresponding at all of what you do… gib range f ucked up completely… you got always the same % like 83 (look the blood spray LOL) 94-99… cmon this has always been addressing since the last 3 ops but nothing changed… same for the ping matter in FFA…
Always in lobbies with 150 pin players… I’m the only one who got 40-50 and still find a hard time killing them but on their side im easy prey

What do you think ? share your thoughts.

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The whole game was scrap from the off, to me it was released way too early with little to no content, general issues and countless micro transactions.

The terrible launch battered the fan base early on and they never fully recovered.

The greatest operation and general optimism I’d say was the launch of operation 5 but soon came these tragic delays and slower movement.


Yes as the launch , as per every game, is always that kind of magical moments that attracts especially the veteran of the franchise but if you fail them… you lost…

Yes, totally agree… still these days I’m wondering why they took that decision to slow down… I mean players nowadays want fast game… more action… and what they do? slow it down… they’d better if they had shortened the respawn time… . from 10 sec to 3 like in Judgement… But the preferred to focus on something else…

29th July 2019, when the Tech Test ended.


Probably trying to get a “casual” fan interested . I do not blame TC/MS for this but I do think it was a misstep, likewise arcade mode.

I feel we should have played to our strengths in as much as I have always thought we had a “unique” game in the " shooter" space and should cherish this.

Also while I applaud the innovation of pve and campaign I do not think we needed it.

I will say that even with all the hiccups I’m still deeply happy we have new Gears to play.
Ever since I played Gears 1 no game comes anywhere near close to my love of our Gears :+1:


I don’t think the game failed overall, though it failed in certain aspects at different points in time.

  • Launching with fewer maps than any game since Gears 1 was a bad move. I understand that they wanted to push Escape and use tiles to streamline the map-making process, but the results weren’t there from day one and it was a bad look. The main thing anyone complained about (aside from server issues) were maps.
  • Likewise, restricting classes to characters, while cool in concept, turned new character releases or class releases into an agonizingly slow dripfeed. Both Horde and Escape felt so bereft of choice in the first few operations. It got redundant and unimaginative. The changes made in OP5 were the best fix they made to this game.
  • Dramatically changing the playlists each operation wasn’t great, either. I’m all for new things and changing things up, but there was no sense of consistency. Your favorite mode would be there one month, then removed from the game the next.
  • The current tuning and adherence to 4v4 gameplay ultimately took the fun out of PvP for me. I quite liked it before, but the fact that both the game and I feel considerably slower in PvP than in PvE just ruins it. Judging by others’ reactions, I think a lot of other people here feel similarly, and it hurts the size of the playerbase.
  • The drip-feed style weekly rotation store in a games-as-a-service setup. This is just my personal opinion, since clearly it works, but I feel that such a setup strips fun from the game in favor of checklists and carrots on an ever extending stick. I genuinely hope Gears 6 pulls away from this setup considerably.

I could make a list of things where I thought they succeeded, but that’s not what this thread is about. :smirk:


Basically after OP5.

-When they decided to cancel the escape map builder in favor of pvp content (and we still got sh*t)
-The excesive amount of adjustments just to being left behing with an awful tunning.
-When the new boring tunning dropped,
-Lowered the bar for content in following operations with 4 characters each and 2 maps.
-No new content at all for PVE, leaving us with nothing else to keep playing.

Escape is dead, and horde is full of dumbos that just grind for max level but have no idea what they are doing. I legit stopped playing PVE because randoms suck so damn much.

Adding the locust to horde and all these new prototype weapons were a great thing, but being locked to a single mode is completely idiotic…


It always felt like the game was rushed with far too many bugs; servers which couldn’t accommodate all the players leading to lots of crashing (including co-op campaign); unbalanced PVE classes; not enough multiplayer maps at launch (also, too many remakes from GOW4 which weren’t even aesthetically different).

In some ways I appreciated the concept of the Hero/Villain system for PVE, but it was clear that TC could never keep up with it so lots of popular characters had to be held back initially until the characters could be detached from the class. Two new PVE classes per operation was far too slow, and given that Operations were longer back then (13 weeks, plus delays were a regular thing). Plus when you look at the numbers of characters there are in the GOW universe, there was never really a chance of TC being able to create enough worthwhile PVE classes to justify their existence in the game (I personally don’t want new classes for the sake of it - each one needs to be distinctly different from others and no two classes should be too samey).

TC were able to rescue the situation and from Op 4 onwards things were much better from a PVE perspective, but by this point many players were really put off of the game. Many of the multiplayer maps released since play pretty well I really like them (Tomb, Ephyra, Ritual). The only real misstep in my opinion is Pahanu which will go down in GOW history as one of the very worst maps ever created.

And Escape was poorly promoted as well. PVE generally was poorly balanced and while TC improved it greatly further down the line, alot of people had given up on it. There needed to be some kind of canon campaign content featuring the new Hivebuster characters (Keegan, Lahni, Mac), and we didn’t get this until the Hivebuster DLC. Even if the very first hive was campaign-esque and featured story-dialogue, cutscenes etc, it would have helped to introduce and flesh out these new characters. But as it is, I think alot of people found it hard to connect with these new characters as there was no story-based context.

Not disagreeing because we all have our opinions, but didn’t PvE randoms suck so damn much since… well, I was gonna say launch, but I guess since Gears 2? That doesn’t seem like a new problem caused by OP5.

Yeah but now its full of those people because theres really no intention at all to keep playing. Months ago i could find great teams, now every custom match its full of people with LV 20 classes that have no idea what they are doing.

I mean, I won’t argue, but I got that all the time in Gears 4, too. Difference being, Gears 4 Horde was definitely easier to carry mediocre players. So I guess I can see your point.

cracks knuckles


begins to type

The campaign isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever played, I have quite a few gripes with 5 like Lizzie dying… the choice… no explanation or backstory to why JD and Fahz are buddy buddy, a missed opportunity by TC to give us an act of JD and Fahz running missions for Jinn and how he went from Lieutenant to Captain. The open world section in act III was redundant and should not have been open world. Act II as open world was fine. It was a nice change of pace and I am not intrigued by a gears open world game, but I sure hope TC doesn’t believe that that’s the best they can do with a gears open world game.

Versus is just awful now. The ranked was garbage and the tuning as of now is terrible. Also 4v4… what is this 2006? Why in the heck did we need to change something that was already established for well over a decade. At least the modes available in competitive are decent. But it took a long time to get guardian back into ranked :upside_down_face:

The maps are a positive, there are a few duds here and there but overall TC usually does an excellent job of making maps, however they choose horrible maps to bring back. Like gridlock for the 500th time, blood drive, clocktower, arent people tired of these maps yet?

I genuinely dont know anybody who says *oh man im gonna vote gridlock even though tomb and Allfathers arena are the other choices or I wanna play blood drive because I love sitting in spawn and lancering for half of the match. I really hope in gears 6 they dont add those maps back and prioritize bringing back some maps that haven’t been in a recent gears game like mansion?? Or thrashball? Azura? Or they could add back some of their amazing original maps like Diner or Dawn or Impact or relic?

To put it simply, the best parts of gears 5 are in fact the pve scene. Its far more enjoyable than gears 4 and I’m happy to see the direction pve is going in. Most of the classes in game are very very fun. Escape is also a great addition but I doubt it will be around in 6.

I would be lying if I didn’t say I didnt have any fun playing gears 5. There has been great moments in 5 but overall I feel like they didnt take any notes with 4, why did 5 feel like such a regression compared to 4 in the pvp scene? We had a good ranked system, not perfect ofc but no system is. The core tuning was solid and the comp setting wasnt my favorite but I’d definitely take that over what we have now.

Last great Operation for PvP is

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The answer for me is launch, or at the latest, operation 2.

Releasing an incomplete, f2p priced storefront, bug laden, completely different from the end state of GoW4 game was unacceptable.

For the game to go another quarter of the year with minimal fixes and drip feeding content, mostly already stuff from GoW4 aside from escape hives…Op2 would have been the end of casual gamers picking up and playing the game. Because there were far better experiences to be had in gaming.

If the game launched like it plays TODAY, or even around Op5, then the game wouldnt be so divisive and the playerbase would definitely have been larger than it is today.

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Totally agree. I feel that most of the game has been based on old stuff… but it lacks original ones and tries to get back that ‘‘good feeling’’ when players were enjoying that… especially for maps…I mean we can count a couple of maps that are actually good… but some of them, in this new age, are completely garbage.

Another thing I’d like to point out is that abnormous amount of lancer-like weapons across the entire game where in the past was not:

  • Lancer
  • Lancer Retro
  • Hammerburst
  • Celeron
  • Enforcer
  • Lancer GL

I do remember a long time ago when Mr. Cliff Blezinski when Gears 1 dropped, he was shocked to know that people were using the gnasher the way he never thought making it a primary one and a staple of this game…

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I’m not against using the lancer, I love the lancer. But those maps have been done to death, they need a break. I don’t like that gridlock gets a priority over a map like relic which is very new to the gears franchise and also a TC original.

Agree… is so redundant… you know I’ve played Pahanu only 1 time in ranked… that is it… people do not want that map on the way…

For the lancer. I’m not against it… (in some scenarios is a nightmare) but if you have a look at the number of weapons similar to the lancer you’d notice that it is, in fact, an unbalanced ratio among other weapons…

You got Gnasher and Overkill that are similar,
Longshot=Embar= MArkza
Snub= Boltok

As you can see, TC clearly wanted to make this game more ‘‘campy’’ style … more strategic we could say… taking advantage of the cover system, and make like peek a boo and shoot

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Op5 was good, imo… But before and after was\is crap.

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Bruh without PvE or Campaign Gears 5 would have sold nowhere near as many copies/had as many people play it on pass.

I think what he’s getting at is that the PVE community by and large, aren’t as open to innovation as you’d hope. You just have to look at the way they received Escape as an indication.