When do we get versus map builder?

So remember the time around e3 2019 where Rod said we would get a Versus Map Builder sometime after launch? That still hasn’t happened yet, almost a year of this game and no map builder for versus. When is it gonna happen?.


It’s not happening anytime soon. The tile system and map builder on the back seat of development currently as they’re focusing on fixing the game first.

oof, maybe we should get a whole operation on the map builder


Probably won’t for a while. Maybe OP 6 or 7 at the least.

I’m still waiting too



To add to the thread, TC have stated in the past few months that one of the reasons the custom map builder was pushed back is also partly because the tiles used to create the maps make them feel samey.

I can somewhat agree with them given my time on the Horde featured maps, Escape and the FFA modes. Most fights happen in similar places.

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Aside from player custom maps…
They should focus on making more unique tiles then, we have 3 different themes to maps…


The editor is in some dire need of more tile themes and tiles in general… then perhaps maps won’t look so similar.

We will eventually, but it’s not a priority and should never be until the game’s main issues are sorted.

Once the game’s basic functions work seamlessly, then we can think about extras.

I agree, but until then we have to put up with maps looking similarly in the horde frenzy playlist and escape maps made with the editor alike, I can wait.

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I think also having a horde map editor would also be a excellent idea , but its going to take time for that most likely.


Simplist answer - We arnt
Tc bit off more than they could chew.

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I hope never. The last thing I want is community-created content dominating the meta. In most cases, it has proven to be in excess of 95% abject garbage. Sure, that 5% might be really good, but I don’t want to have to wade through all that trash in order to get to something that even begins to reach professional quality.

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I mean I think that’d be cool too, but perhaps instead of another editor, how about they just add the gamemodes horde and even versus to the current map editor so we can choose what gamemode we want our maps to play on? :man_shrugging:

I’m pretty sure community made maps (Unless they are genuinely great and play well) won’t be added to official playlists and be limited to private lobbies, hell another idea would be to add maps based on likes and add them to a developer playlist to play test? Then if the map gets voted for in the developer playlist a lot then maybe it could be added to official playlists, but obviously TC would really need to respond to community feedback, if not I’d rather they just keep community made maps out and in custom matches ONLY…

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I feel like if we do get tile maps for Versus and horde they should have some tiles that move outside or something. Maybe that’ll shake it up a little

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Made a post on this subject already that you replied to lol, if they made the source code for gears 5 open source and released the dev kit people could make alot more content than just maps. Ill link my thread from December

Everytime they do a dev stream I ask this question multiple times, with no answer. So yea, it’s clearly not coming anytime soon, sadly. TC is too busy fixing issues and reverting from bad choices of the past.

It’s just sad that they waited so long to fix the balancing, which I believe is mainly only being done now because most casuals seem to have left and the population is down to mainly hardcore gamers that find the game to be a joke in it’s current state.

Regardless of the reasoning though, as long as they keep making positive changes, I’m ok with waiting.