When did they nerf the Hunters-Hive?

^I vividly remember there being a Sire heal everyone +themselves Mutator which seems to be gone now. Not even sure which one replaced it but it’s a lot more bearable now.

Also; something needs to be done about the Sires.
The vacuum on their grab is beyond ridiculous. Even if you jump straight past them they’ll do a 180° midgrab and drag you to their rape dungeon.

Bleeding; if you bleed them at full HP and get then grabbed you get free even when solo. However, if you get grabbed at low HP while they’re still bleeding you’re ■■■■■■ unless someone is nearby. Their grab apparently saves them from bleeding out. Which is straight up ■■■■■■■■.

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That was not actually one of the original modifiers for the hive. It was Ghost Sires and More Sires instead of Healing Sires and Freezing Grenadiers. The original modifier set is what it came with in Op 1 and at the time it wasn’t easy even with those. In Op 2 it was then changed to Healing Sires and Freezing Grenadiers which made it more difficult but still doable with good players(and a Lahni).

Op 3 reverted them back to the original, easier mod set.

Esit : Oh, and rolling sideways or backwards seems to prevent grabs completely if timed right. Although I’ve only survived the ridiculously high damage that that deals as Lahni and if I rolled sideways, or if I had Stim protection, on a higher difficulty. Fully dodging the blow is really unreliable(if not staying outside the grab range completely).


Try to be a bit more respectful…

…being stuck in a stasis tank for roughly 64 years could bring about some loneliness.

It’s best to let a sire get bleed damage then get grabbed, the bleed damage ticks will free you from the grab.

Technically right, this only works in an isolated 1v1 situation though. If there are drones around you, another Sire or worst case +2 Sire this is in no way viable. Same for LE, bleeding is simply to weak to deal enough dmg to free yourself before getting killed.

Incorrect information, bleeding is not only strong enough it’s only the damage ticks needed to be free so ANY bleed or burn damage will free you and you’ll be frame invincible from drone damage as well for usually long enough to get into cover.