When did gears 5 get this bad

Great question.

Could be for the simple sake of changing things up.

Or the rationale is that landing a shot via hip fire is more difficult and should be rewarded with more damage.

Or hip firing is too easy so they tightened the spread to make it more difficult to land a shot.

I’m going to go with the first one.

Ya if your 5

Hes actually right.

Forts pvp is far more fun than 5s. Fort is actually a good game. The whole fortnite being for kids thing is really silly at this point because everybody plays everything. Adults play minecraft, kids play cod.

so tru it even streamed lmao

Meh went over to pc, now I’m wrecking everyone again, maybe it was something to do with my dusty old xbox lol

All the Fortnite hate comes from people who have never played it, for the most part.



You’ve been told more than enough times now to calm it with the F-word!

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Its an alright video game. I must say.


GoW5 isn’t fun unless you’re considerably better than everyone you’re playing against. It’s why I stopped playing Elos, UMGs & Wagers — even if you go 10,000-0 in UMGs every game you’re playing against good players.

14 player FFA when everyone else in your lobby couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat — that’s pretty fun because you can do whatever. But when you’re playing against good players — it’s incredibly repetitive, the margins are razor thin, it’s a shot holding simulator. I believe the meta of this game is incredibly narrow, and it isn’t narrow in a fun-way.

Whereas on fort you just join a few lobbys, play for an hour or two and nothing matters. No one is sending you a message if you lose a fight, you shoot at the people on your screen when you see them, winning is more fun because you’re basically always expected to lose. There’s all these dumb things in the game — like randomly there are lightsabers now for some reason. This ridiculousness is fun, especially when contrasted to how serious GoW is.


Absolutely. Really fun game. I might reinstall it tonight :smirk:

I tried the no build mode and it was pretty alright. Took me awhile to get used to how that Battle Royale is played compared to Apex.

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I was never crazy good at building. Like I’m alright but I think I’m just better in 1vs.

I know lol I had to wash the filth off my skin

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Coulda fooled me, considering all the goofy emotes and Marcus laughing his brains out/using corny puns whenever he gets a chainsaw kill.