When did gears 5 get this bad

It could very well be me as I havnt played this in ages but my lorddddd the hit reg is the worst I’ve ever experienced and the delays are ridiculous.

Also what happenee to the lancer, 5 shots and its hitting the sky haha

It’s this.


That must be why, is that why it’s dead :joy::joy:

I find matches within the minute of searching and mostly all different place each time. So I wouldn’t say it’s dead.

Granted I only play Control but I’ve seen others mention there’s still a lot of players playing other modes as well.


Probably September 6th. 2019.


It all started back on November 6th, 2006.



Im convinced Control is the most populated. I find matches of control in a minute or two, but my favorite mode guardian takes at least 3 to 4 minutes, if not 5 to find a match.

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I’d play more guardian if people with iqs above room temperature played. I can’t count how many times my leader died in our spawn

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Same. @Buster_McTunder and I played a few matches the other day and our leaders kept pushing mid for power weapons and getting slaughtered


I can easily get a game of Control under 2 minutes. I hadn’t played in over a month and I swear playing tonight if felt smoother and slightly faster?

It’s actually the best 3rd person shooter out there soooooooooooooooooo stick to Fortnite :man_shrugging:

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Fort is 20000x the game GoW5 is.


I’m still here!

-random gears hater that still plays everyday


Guardian is fine as well. Easy instant matches.

Okay so what about the insane delays, didn’t feel like that when I quit like a year ago ha.

And why is the hip fire spread tighter than hard aim?

It’s me. I’m leader.

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Sounds like you’re more dangerous to yourself than others. Dave.

You know it wasnt you lol. It was the brain dead dude who rushed boom by himself and had the audacity to call the team S**T because he got murked.

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It wasn’t me that time…