When can we swap our starting weapons?

Yeah I’d really like to play with the hammerburst. More variety. I don’t understand why it isn’t an option.

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I miss the semi auto hammerburst. But nodded controllers kinda ruined that variant of the hammerburst.

Likely just because they didn’t really know how to balance it and didn’t want to run the risk.

With the Lancer GL and Claw as new rifle pickups, I just feel like making the Retro and Hammerburst also pickups is just redundant. I’d like the option to pick something besides the Lancer as my default.

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I was talkin bout the gears 3 retro. Thank u
Starts 180 shots, one clip is down to 150. Thats a 30 round clip.

I think its more or less fine in gears 5.

No… no i dont. I never said nerf gears 5 retro. I was talkin about g3. I think its fine basically in 5 honestly. Does not really need tweaking imo.

You can have hammer burst in arcade

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