When can we expect to see movement and fire rate tuning?

How is any one supposed to know what to do if every one on the map is moving at a different speed and or has a different fire rate on their weapon? Ping obviously shows a number that represents a person connection speed, why cant these numbers be used for math as to how a persons fire rate and movement speed be governed? I have countless clips of footage showing other player shooting where I was previously standing and getting a kill or they change from one weapon to another during mid wall bounce, why can they do that but not me? Or even shoot mid wall bounce, last I checked I have to either cancel my wall bounce or hit the wall and maintain cover before I shoot, I get into countless games where on my screen it shows me shooting my opponent with my gun but when I watch the kill cam it shows me never shooting at all, why cant this be fixed? When gears 5 first came out the lancer worked perfectly now it does nothing unless the server is catering to you, people walk right through lancer bullets and just blast you unless the server is close by then they go down instantly, why is there such a big issue with this game recording hit markers and also applying hit markers when it shouldnt, on my screen I jumped away and I’m around the corner but on their screen I never jumped away at all, this is the same problem that has persisted ever since the beginning of gears and it never gets addressed, we dont need aim assist we need every one on the map to be moving at the same pace, shooting at the same rate and all the animation to be the same, like wifi have to aim to shoot at some one, so does every one else, how am I supposed to accurately judge something if its continuously inconsistent as to how things play out, I should never walk up to some one and die from a bullet that appears to be coming out of some ones chest who isnt aiming at me? Why cant this be fixed? Why cant every ine in the match be made to move the same speed as every one else? If we are truly on dedicated servers why cany the flow of speed of each player be made the same? It’s not just this game either it’s a lot if games but gears is the absolute worst with this, every one should be moving as fast as the slowest person in the match regardless of their internet speed, also to add I have countless footage showing me shooting some one and blood coming out of them but it records absolutely no damage at all what so ever, and what exactly is the range at which a one shot kill takes affect one round it’s one distance and the next round its another one player its point blank another player its several feet away


In regards to ur i shot somoone n it did no damage. N u got bodied immedialy after.

majority of the time, yes u did do damage. U just didnt see as it didnt have time to register on screen and display, but if they died right after, n it showed the score properly, ud have points added accordingly. (In the bottom left of the screen.)
This is the same in 4… yet 4 properly shows the points still at the bottom left of the screen when u die still. (If someone u shot died when u are dead, those points wpuld display in the bottom left i mean still) Gears 5 does not.(unless u legit missed obviously or a connection issue at the worst time n really did no damage sadly)
Why… idk… makes to much sense for TC i guess to display the points in death now.

I play on terrible internet dude… n i dont have an issue most of the time. N my ping is 33ish usually. (Upgrading, but not the point)

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This needs to be answered by TC!!!

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