When can we expect movement tuning? I'm getting so unbelievably agitated with this blatant distegard for a very rewl issue in this game

Why is it that a person can bounce faster from laft to right faster than I can merely turn my neck to aim? Why is it that they can shoot a sniper or shot gun and clearly seen on the play back footage that they are aiming at my feet or over my shoulder and they get a head shot or a one shot kill? Mean while I shot them dead center and its like 50% damage or its no damage and when i watch the replay the kill cam does not match up with what my footage shows, I watch what I did and on my screen I pulled up my gun I aimed and I shot, on the kill cam from their perspective it shows I was in mid run and never aimed my gun at all, how can you expect any one to take this game seriously as far as E sports go if this is a pressing matter? That is continuely ignored and not addressed. If this was an actual substantial thing to bet money on or have as z legitimate sport the game would be spent spending more time having refferies watching playback than watching the actual game, im so happy im making my own game now because there us no way I would let this B.S. just slide on my game I dont even care if it took a year or more to produce just to get it right, litterally all that sny one in charge of this game shows is that they kinda care but they do not care enough, no wonder why the player pool is so unbelievably small compared to others, its honestly almost a blessing in disguise for me cause I can just play this game and take notes on what not to do when i produce my own game, at times gears works just fine but thats only like 50% to 60% of the time. And you can’t say there isn’t a tremendous issue with this game cause its all over the forums and on the official Facebook groups, get it together