When can i play with normal gamepass?

on the xbox (beta) app on pc and on steam it says gears 5 will release on sept 9th.

However, when i go to the xbox site it says it will release on sept 10th.

i have the normal game pass and i don’t now what day and what time i can play gears…

can someone please tell me what it is?

Depending on your time zone it may be 9pm your time on the 9th.

As long as it’s midnight somewhere in your country you will be able to play

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Yea like for my early release was Friday the 6th but I was able to hop on at 8pm on Thursday

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I live in the Netherlands. So I guess it will be online tonight then. We’ll the waiting game begins. :yum:

9 PM on Sept. 9th whenever that is for your timezone.

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