When building sentries turns into sentry spam/sentry fest?

I hate those people. I hate sentries so much that they are partially banned from my lobbies but I would never call on TC to nerf or remove them because this game gave me the one thing I needed to control this and that was in game custom lobbies. Best thing TC ever did for this game in my opinion.

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I joined a lobby on Allfathers, wave 8, lastnight as a Gunner. They had set up base on the right side of the map, which was good. I enjoy non meta bases. But by wave 25, the mechanic had 3 MGs set right up at each spawn and there was little for me and the Demo and Brawler to do short of camping behind the sentries hoping for some action.
The demo was the host and he didn’t kick so I guess he liked it but I left by wave 30.

You can have a game where you have 4 Sentries and it is too many, and a game with 20 Sentries and it is not enough.
Too many Sentries is when no one on your team is getting any kills, and the Sentries are doing everything. Not enough Sentries is when your team is constantly going down, because there is not enough cover.

Most importantly though, Sentries are a defensive measure, they are there to protect your team, anyone that says any different has no concept or idea on battle strategies, and any Engineer that builds in an Offensive manner to be MVP or to steal kills all or as much as possible is a selfish player.

Horde is a team based game, everyone should get their chance to have a go at the enemy, no matter what setting.

I have been in a game where Sentries were not needed, but i put one down anyway, because i needed to. Autism. And, because i always have to have a Sentry out.

Barriers can be just as much a problem as Sentries too. People are still laying down Level 1 Barriers at the wrong angle. This i find messy and completely annoying, it also does not teach people how to play as a team either, as they rely far too much on the Barriers.

Common sense is key here. By the sound of things in your Post, it seems about right, especially on that map. B the way, i hate that map.

My builds always consist of barriers first, then Weapons Lockers, then Barriers for a second line of Defences, and if needed, more Weapons Lockers. Sentries only come in to play after i am satisfied everyone has a Weapon Locker and all access to the base is covered by Barriers. Never too much, never too little. My team comes first, and when Sentries are added, they are there for Defence only, to cover my team when they need to retreat, or need a revive.

I prefer Shocks over MG too. Usually my Shocks defend my team and the MG Sentries protect the Shocks, and everything and everyone at the same time.

When i am on my own though, everything changes.


I prefer no sentries. If a player builds one or two and puts them in places that don’t block other players line of sight or make it difficult to escape a dangerous situation then i can roll with that. Any more than that then i’m off. I don’t wish to observe an engineering master class in tower defense.
I wanna shoot ■■■■

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Engineer puts 3 sentries on my back. I honestly can’t figure out why because nothing has gotten past me at all. I try to put up with it. Move around try to find a new spot to cover. A wave later another 2 sentries on my back. I finally give up and ask is this how it’s going to be? Answered yes. Just said ok I’m out! Get a message asking why, so I just said because I don’t play sentry heavy games. I thought that was a reasonable answer but what I failed to see was the avoid me sign on the profile … few choice words from said player and report and move on lol.

Anyway just thought it was funny ish lol.

This is pretty much the correct answer.


wtf who cares? is sentry spamming going to be frown’d upon? im surprised that ■■■■ didnt blow up to a boomshot. prob had hp perk and hp card or something lmao.