When building sentries turns into sentry spam/sentry fest?

I played 1 to 50 horde on Tomb. I was Jack and the rest was “Del” class (forgot the name), Anchor, Pilot and Demolitions. (Everyone lvl 20 except me (lvl 18))

Del built many fences lvl 1, 3 weapon lockers and 10 sentries (6 normal sentries and 4 shock sentries).

Fabricator was on the highest part of the map, in the middle. 4 sentries (2 normal and 2 shock) on each side and 2 normal sentries near fabricator.

I won, no one left the match but at the end 1 of them said that the match was a sentry fest, and that made me think of how many sentries is considered spam.

I have played horde matches where the engineer built 14 or 16 normal sentries.

If the Engineer starts getting MvP every Wave, it’s a Sentry Spam.

However, like Pahanu that Big Map, I somehow prefer Sentries Spam because they help to change the Worse Situation in some Waves especially Classic 50 Waves Pahanu, which is Tough for General Players, maybe Bastions with Multi Scions coming to your Team. Your Team only Kill the Bastions and the Wave is cleared.

You can get the mvp for other reasons, sometimes it from revives, damage with weapons or building things.
You can get it with damage from weapons and wires depending on build.

Sentry spam is when you have a collection of sentries side by side pointing out over the map that eat up all the damage.
MG are good for stopping fliers, use the shock for slowing things like wardens.

Wires > MG sentries.


Yeah, normally happen after Wave 30 or Wave 35. I think it’s rare to Spam in Freezy Horde.

Agree…as I’m just Lazy repairing all Sentries Every Wave when I’m playing Robotics Expert.

It isn’t. A lot of the time it’s the first thing people build.
If the engineer builds a sentry first, I won’t donate.

Also, if I have an over abundance of energy, I start building decoys and more wires.


Amateurs …Back in GOW4 on BloodDrive SR’s, we would each setup atleast 10 in each of he spawn rooms and had a few outside in certain spots so I would say we had minimum 30…good times…Heck even on War Machine we had a boat load too

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And it was painfully boring then too.

Maybe it’s Time to Solo Horde…well…with Sentries Spam :wink:.

Mechanic with custom robotics does well.
Sentries kill the chaff, you use a trishot on bosses with the 60% increased damage.

Sentries aren’t gonna save you there, they like almost never even target the Bastion and derp their bullets into the indestructible shield. They are good for killing off the other flying stuff,

When something is Sentry spam, you’re looking at a dozen or more MGs all at once out and covering sight lines, always blocking the path of teammates, in an attempt to get as many kills as they possibly can instead of the team doing the work. Thankfully, the practice of sentry spam seems to be a lot less prevalent than it was in Gears 4, perhaps because of the significantly reduced damage done by them. I have not encountered many cases of it in 5 whereas in 4 I would be very likely to run into one of them on a daily basis, and subsequently leave the match not soon after it started.

Also reminds me of the one time I had an engineer get pissy because I left after the first thing they built was a boosted MG Sentry when they said it was supposed to cover a flank on the side of the map, a spot where people would often go on that map anyway, but I told ‘em my experience dictated that every time the first thing whipped out was a sentry, the game would turn into a spamming experience with no fun for the involved players. If players can’t hold off the enemies on wave 1 without any sentry or barriers, then they didn’t have high chances of winning nor any business on Insane/Inconceivable.


Not one bit if you had a good group you were playing with.

Yeah I have a ban on sentries in my lobbies lol. I allow for them to go in the back of our base but the second an engineer puts 1, and yes I mean just 1, on the front lines like or way out in the front you can be gauranteed I will love it or pause the game until the engineers gets it in their head that sentries are banned from the front.

Gears of War 4 sentry spammers left me with utter hatred for those sentries. I just can’t continue to play a game where an engineer takes the easy way out. Thats just me and I keep how I play in my lobbies and ask they do the same.

Sentries are meant to be a backline support weapon, either killing enemies that get too close to your team or covering a flank that’s not protected. When Engineers start spam building them as frontline damage that’s when I usually leave no matter what wave it is as it’s never fun.

Whenever I play Engineer, which is rare nowadays compared to Gears 4, I only ever place a couple for the exact reason I stated, and they usually are the very last thing I build (unless desperately needed). Wires, lockers, decoys and even a few shock turrets are much more important for keeping your team alive and stocked up to kill the incoming threat. Mechanic/Robotics Expert are in the “Support” class for a reason (not sure why Tactician is still there tbh).

Tomb is a decent sized map.

If people couldn’t play out in front of the sentries, then it’s on them.

Somewhere at some point there were a few that tried to cancel culture sentries making them into something only noobs use.

In realty, only noobs sit behind them and complain.

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A misnomer.

Even on the old Blooddrive speed runs, a good soldier could outdo the engineers.

If the engineer is getting MVP every wave….the rest of the team isn’t out doing their share. Sentries don’t have that great of a range and are drastically nerfed from Gears 4 with damage.

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You can say that, but when the engineer occupies half of the map with them and also blocks hallways as well as forcing teammates to occupy terrible cover spots if they don’t want to sit behind the wall, are they a noob for not going out into a spot that puts them at far too much risk for no good reward? Not all of them are Pahanu sized(and its covers are garbage tier anyway, for the most part).

I have yet to be called a noob other than by upset players who wouldn’t accept their own mistakes, but if I’m playing a squishy class not designed to get close and comfy with enemies, I’m not heading out into the middle of the map into overly exposed covers just because an engineer decided to play with sentries too much… or rather, let the bots play the game for them.

Suppose it’s a moot point since I refuse to play with sentry spammers at this point anyway.

Also, speedruns are a different scenario to regular Horde matches. I’ve done plenty of both in Gears 4.


I mean it depends on everyone, but mostly the Sentries are just kill the Enemies before you’re trying to Fight.

I don’t get offended when there’s Engineer doing like that.

My point exactly. People won’t venture out and then complain.

What is it sentries kill to fast? Juvies? Leeches?

Also, there’s simply not enough money to cover half the map for well over half the game. That’s if people deposit.

I was specifically referring to Gears 4 times in my experience where the spamming of Sentries was a lot more prevalent and the MGs were easier to maintain, on top of being a lot more powerful.

I would qualify it as a marginal ‘issue’ in Gears 5 at best. Most engineers aren’t stupid enough to only build sentries and barriers now. That’s if there is one, or they do it on lower difficulty settings now. But when an engineer puts Sentries into spots where a player can’t go without exposing themselves to excessive risks, and does it everywhere on the map, what are you to do?

If not playing a CQC class, which didn’t really exist in Gears 4(I don’t count the Scout with the melee buff skill, it’s not really viable on higher difficulties), or sniping the enemies across the map which also isn’t possible on every single one and relies on sight lines not being blocked by fortifications, good luck going far enough ahead and not die trying to do what you shouldn’t have to fight the engineer [sentries] for.

It’s not always a simple black and white. That’s all I’m really trying to say here.

Get ready for spam if the very first thing the engineer buys is an MG sentry lol