When are we getting better supply content?

I’m sick of waiting a week for the chance to unlock a stupid black skin with flowers on it or a launch map banner. are we ever going to get any epic rarity content like animated skins in the supply system or are we doomed to silly marks and blood sprays? The community is dying too quickly, enough of the drip feed crap or everyone is going to move on from gears before operation 2. C’mon TC, break out the good stuff before its too late!


Hopefully someday we see the locked away content being added to supply…we really need to get rid of this FOMO and have people enjoy the content that was created for the game in the first place. I would rather be charged for map packs then high priced MTX skins.

Any cool content that comes out will be available,…in the shop for $20 :stuck_out_tongue: