When a player has 80-200 ping

Haha I have not played since yesterday and I did not even very easily.

With the current state of the game I would say that ping indicators are a must so at least you can salvage some kind of sanity and rationale as to why there is 0% hit registration in certain matches.

If I know I’m playing on American servers against high ping players at least I can try to adapt my play style to anticipate the lag/ hit registration.

I think if they took that away it would be the death of the game


I appreciate the indicators and I also will try and adapt my gameplay based off my ping. It also makes me constantly ask why am I being put on this far away server?

I’m actually very knowledgeable on politics. Taking from a person with something and giving that something to a person that does not have it is the core socialist belief. If you want to debate that view and how it is a world wide catastrophic failure we can do that on private messages. That being said this is a “socialist approach”. Not socialist. I was very clear and careful in how I worded that.

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I admit having someone with an erratic ping sucks but there’s one huge problem with your request.

You didn’t buy their copy of the game. They spent money on the game. Who are you to tell them what they can and can’t play?

It’s not that big a deal on horde cause it’s PvE. I joined a match at like wave 28. 4 people already in the game on elite. They didn’t have or lost their engineer so I switched to Kat. For some reason my ping was in the 200’s. I didn’t feel anything affect my game play though. Since I was the engineer they certainly didn’t complain lol

Read this thread from EU players that are on US servers…Funny how your “facts” are completely opposite to what all these people are also saying. Why are we always connecting to US servers

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“Hello, spectrum. I’d like to change my internet speed. Yes I’ll pay the same amount. Say, you guys don’t have a slower speed do you? No?”

wires him $100

“How about now”

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Lying? wtf are you on about?

My ping has been near 400 for the longest. I thought it was me but I figured it out and no it’s not. Many times in the middle of matches I would get booted out for no reason. It would say I have been kicked or some other lame excuse. How can I be kicked from a Hoard match? I want to be able to play matches from beginning to end non-stop without the lagging. One minute somebody’s in front of me and as soon as I raise my weapon Poof, they are gone just like that. I think it’s a time glitch because after that happens I end up catching up with everybody else in battle someplace else on the map. How the heck did I get here?

This game is “America of war”. I get tbagged for losing a 1v1 at a corner because screen showed muzzle flash and bullets coming out whereas the replay shows literally ■■■■ all like I sat there and just ate the shot lol. If I search lower ping it takes ages to find a match. You can’t win ping wise.

2 years…later

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2 years on and the game still plays horrifically.

Play any other shooter for a bit and then come back to this game PVP, my god it’s awful!!
Pointless bringing out new maps when the game plays so bad online.

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2 years and still not seeing any video footage to suggest high pings have an advantage. Not saying there is and not saying there isn’t, but anytime I played high ping, the game was straight up unplayable.

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From his name there’s about a 99% chance this kid played gb and complained about playing against Mexicans & South Americans on their hosts where he himself would have 100+ ping to their connection.

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What does my gt indicate about me?

no haha I literally just mean that I know his clantag

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Oh… lmao :sweat_smile:

What does my gt indicate about me?

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Everything that one would need to know.


You are correct Jojo