When a player has 80-200 ping

You don’t give him a godlike advantage. You are supposed to give him a message prompt telling him “you can not connect to gears of war at this time”. The lag compensation is vomit inducing. My shots freeze…get stuck watching an enemy coming toward me without the ability to do anything about it. You guys really did a lot of dumb **** with this game

Punish me for paying good money for my internet. Literally an absurd socialist approach to gaming. Pathetic.


Yes yes… I hate to say it but I prefer player hosted games over these servers… as long as the connection is great

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F… N right Brother.


I like how you phrased it a socialist approach to gaming. That was brilliant man. Tell me about it I just fought a guy with zero ping. How is that possible? Was he playing on Bill Gates lap? You got to love when your shots just don’t count at all like it never happened. LOL


I actually got invested in it until I made it to this particular sentence:

Which is downgrading the mood of your statement from healthy constructive to downright absurd. It’s like you’re deciding how said high-ping-player should be treated - which is basically saying ‘the game should stop this person from playing multiplayer’, criticizing the player, not the devs & their matchmaking (or lag compensation, which you mentioned later, thankfully. Or I dunno - whatever it is out there calculating stuff & putting people in lobbies :shrug: ).

I don’t think it’s ok to do that, since ping is such an unstable matter nowadays, one match I have like 70, the other two - 120 or more. It means it’s not my connection at fault here, it’s the servers the game is hooking me into. I’m not speaking of Custom games now, because I believe those are either broken (not awarding ANYTHING: XP, medals progress and so on), or if they’re designed that way - then Customs are basically useless, at least to me.
That leads me not to play Custom games, and that means I’m in the hands of some algorithm which would look up for available games and decide where to put me on the next match. This is the moment where net problems most certainly kick in, therefore it’s unwise to blame and neglect the players for their bad ping only.
Of course there might be people with poor and/or slow connection out there, but I’m pretty sure the algorithm might deal with them accordingly, too - if said algorithm would be more advanced, more sophisticated. Which is clearly not, for now.

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Post a vid. Less stories, more clips.

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I can’t even use the longshot as the hits never even register, wait till you get the 400-700 ping people

What? EU servers are apparently down & I’m constantly thrown to matches with 100+ ping.

What is this advantage you’re talking about? Everything is slow with huge delay, shots don’t connect at all… every low ping player basically has the host advantage from GoW1.

edit. Oh and you’re saying I shouldn’t be able to connect matches now? So they should punish me for paying for a high speed Internet? Wake up.


Data travelling at speed of light takes 10 miliseconds to cross 3000 km. Maybe ping depends of what country are you playing in?

Oh no…1ms delay…world is coming to end!
Let’s cry all together.

On GoW2 you had visible delay of few seconds.
People back then still had ISDN and ADSL connections of up to max 20MBits and still everybody survived apocalypse.

How about 3000-5000 ping players !!!

Stop lying.

3 days that I had not played the game and last night I wanted to do a game and here is my PING it’s a joke?

I’m in France so I will have played on EU servers?
I love the Gears of War license but I’m disgusted.
Sorry for my dumb english I use google translation; p

I was with you until you called it socialist.
You Americans and your confused usage of political meaning.

But yeah , tc’s gears series heavily tilts towards the highest ping. Along with its generous aim assist suite and jumbo sized hit boxes, it just makes firefights completely random.
Taking your xbox to McDonalds for the free WiFi seems to be the way its meant to be played now.

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Unfortunately it’s been the same since gears 4. I can’t speak for everyone but the last gears game that actually worked for me was gears 3. I felt like that game was down to skill rather than ping.

The most nauseating thing for me is that you’re effectively ranked by your ping rather than skill. I can predict which player will finish MVP in pretty much every pre game lobby just by looking at the pings which is an absolute joke!

Gears 5 is supposed to be a flagship game for Microsoft and the coalition but they can’t seem to get the basic things right. I want to be matched against players in my region with similar ping, is that such a difficult thing to ask for???

I think there is a great game in gears 5 but it’s currently being over shadowed by the basic errors that are letting it down. Please sort it out TC!


I think I played you or with you this morning. You were floating xD

I think the worst thing TC has done is the addition of ping indicators and damage %'s after death. It adds just that little extra layer of salt for most players.

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Haha I have not played since yesterday and I did not even very easily.

With the current state of the game I would say that ping indicators are a must so at least you can salvage some kind of sanity and rationale as to why there is 0% hit registration in certain matches.

If I know I’m playing on American servers against high ping players at least I can try to adapt my play style to anticipate the lag/ hit registration.

I think if they took that away it would be the death of the game


I appreciate the indicators and I also will try and adapt my gameplay based off my ping. It also makes me constantly ask why am I being put on this far away server?

I’m actually very knowledgeable on politics. Taking from a person with something and giving that something to a person that does not have it is the core socialist belief. If you want to debate that view and how it is a world wide catastrophic failure we can do that on private messages. That being said this is a “socialist approach”. Not socialist. I was very clear and careful in how I worded that.

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