What's your take on Rob Ferguson leaving

Cliffy does it again, so ahead with his vision. He knew that with games like Fortnite, franchises would become solo titles in the future. That’s why he only released a single title!

He truly was aiming for “bigger, badder, more badasserist” - Dude Hugh

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Not one person can make gears “great again” especially if that man is Cliff lmao. It takes a entire team with passion and love for what they are doing to make a truly great game. CD project red is perfect example.

Also at the end of the day Microsoft gets final say due to them owning gears of war and TC. (TC used to be black tuskstudios as well as Microsoft Vancouver) and I assume they are largely responsible for certain unwanted things in all of their IP’s.

If I was a game developer I certainly wouldn’t want to work for blizzard right now. It’s like a fire fighter going into a building that’s already an inferno and there’s no one left inside to rescue. Why do it?

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For money :wink:

Blizzard has trouble shipping games in a reasonable timeframe and in a good state. Rod (excluding Gears 2 and 5) has a stellar track record in this area.

Rod also loves Diablo and Path of Exile style games, so he is familiar with the genre.

I don’t think he saw any future for himself in Gears after 5’s release and it was unlikely MS was going to be thrilled to pay him what he’d been getting so he got out while the getting was good.

I think it’s better for everyone.

I wouldn’t call gears reasonable time frame and in good state. In fact I don’t mind waiting years for a game to come out if it’s near perfect upon release. It took them like 7 years to make SC2. I was cool with that. If they crank out a diablo game every year like cod that dilutes the formula. Diablo 2 was amazing at launch, diablo 3…not so much. I expect diablo immortal to be loaded with bs microtransactions. Overwatch 2 sounds like they’re just announcing stuff years ahead of time to try to put out the dumpsters fires they started with the Chinese government.

That’s probably it. I hear being a programmer for blizzard is garbage now. The headquarters is in a fancy part of town. Making an apartment expensive. The pay is low thanks to activisions budget cuts. Employees have to work as uber drivers in their off time.
I guess all those problems don’t affect the big wigs.

I am talking about the time set by the publisher, Rod has a reputation for being able to pull teams together and ship games according to the schedule they have set

I miss the days when Diablo had a “when it’s ready” mentality and shipped great games.

Blizzard also had a massive fail with the Warcraft 3 remaster (including blocking any legitimate online play from the original version) and their shareholders were told that more remasters are coming. Now they seem more wanting to pump out games than take their time developing quality products.

Yeah, and it’s a fair enough reason IMO. Plus maybe after working on Gears for the better part of the past decade and a half, he wants to explore other opportunities. Could be a number of other factors too.

I think about this everyday